Body Armors

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Crye Body Armor

Crye Precision body armor system. Yes, this is the body armor of the Army Objective warrior program. "The armor of the future."  

Features: solid turtle shell design, bucket handle shoulder straps, cable quick release system, contoured armor plate (front and back), MOLLE compatible. Thanks to the Crye staff, we have a chance to put this on. This is not a soft armor. It is really like a armor shell. Pretty cool feeling.

Pictures: Taken at the Crye booth Shot Show 2005. Special thanks to all the Crye staff. Bottom pictures shows the Crye armor with Emdom USA Mulitcam modular pouches. 






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armor&vest-AWS-N-armor-3.jpg (70540 bytes) armor&vest-AWS-N-armor-4.jpg (55774 bytes)

AWS CQB Vest Carrier

CQB Vest Carrier is the latest version of the famous Trauma vest carrier. It accepts SPEAR body armor inserts and SAPI plates. The system includes many modular accessories: magazine pouches, radio pouch, shoulder / groin protector, chest holster, multi-purpose back panel, MOLLE back panel, and etc. It is currently used by Army and Air force special forces.

Pictures from AWS, Inc. and reader. Special thanks!



armor&vest-CIRAS-S-1.jpg (101503 bytes) armor&vest-CIRAS-S-2.jpg (39576 bytes)

CIRAS-Maritime version

Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System (C.I.R.A.S.) is now the armor carrier of choice for USSOCOM (BALCS-R). The C.I.R.A.S. vest incorporates a single release cable that makes the assembly process easier than it's predecessors. There are two versions of the C.I.R.A.S. vest, the Maritime (CMS-MAR-CIRAS) and the Land version (CMS-MC-CIRAS). Features: MOLLE compatible, quick release system, detachable shoulder pads, internal and external cummerbunds. Currently used by USMC MEU, and SEALs. Left picture shows a Navy SEAL's CIRAS. 

Pictures from Navy SEAL Demo, and reader.



armor&vest-CIRAS-L-1.jpg (59337 bytes)  

CIRAS-Land version

Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System (C.I.R.A.S.) is now the armor carrier of choice for USSOCOM (BALCS-R). The C.I.R.A.S. vest incorporates a single release cable that makes the assembly process easier than it's predecessors. There are two versions of the C.I.R.A.S. vest, the Maritime (CMS-MAR-CIRAS) and the Land version (CMS-MC-CIRAS). Features: MOLLE compatible, quick release system, detachable shoulder pads, internal and external cummerbunds. 

Different from the Maritime version, the cummerbunds ends anteriorly and is overlap by a abdomen flap.


armor&vest-DBT-1.jpg (61771 bytes) armor&vest-DBT-2.jpg (73018 bytes)
armor&vest-DBT-3.jpg (40497 bytes)  

DBT Body Armor

DBT Body armor systems. Similar to the Paraclete RAV. Features: MOLLE compatible carrier, modular pouches, detachable shoulder / arm / waist / groin protectors. Currently used by special forces, IRAQ contractors. 

Pictures from DBT catalog.



armor&vest-eagle-PC-1.jpg (55279 bytes) armor&vest-eagle-PC-2.jpg (35643 bytes)

MOLLE Plate carrier

MOLLE Plate carrier, in Multicam. Features: MOLLE compatible, detachable MOLLE cummerbunds. Accept soft armor insert / armor plates.

Pictures from reader.



armor&vest-PBPV-custom-1.jpg (56603 bytes)  

PBPV custom

Picture shows a modified PBPV body armor carrier. Features: detachable chest MOLLE panel, MOLLE cummerbund with buckle closure, and Velcro back panel.

Pictures from reader.



armor&vest-SEAL-PC-1.jpg (67189 bytes)  

Navy SEAL plate carrier

Navy SEAL plate carrier, MOLLE compatible, simple design for fast action.

Pictures from reader.



armor&vest-army-intercepter-1.jpg (84733 bytes)  

Army Interceptor Body Armor

Army interceptor body armor with shoulder protector. All in ACU camo pattern. 

Pictures from Army news letter.



armor&vest-pbpv tan-1.jpg (56252 bytes) armor&vest-pbpv tan-2.jpg (58442 bytes)

PBPV II Body Armor

Army SF Desert camo PBPV II body armor, with two M16 Magazine pouches at each side. 

Pictures from SWG, DRMO surplus.



armor&vest-RBA-TRG-1.jpg (68608 bytes)  

TRG Body Armor

Army SF TRG Body armor. Similar to RBA, but with a bigger Groin Protector.

Pictures from SWG, DRMO surplus.



armor&vest-TDA armor 1.jpg (34939 bytes) armor&vest-TDA armor 2.jpg (42290 bytes)
armor&vest-TDA armor 3.jpg (41084 bytes)  

PBPV II Body Armor System

PBPV II body armor which can be worn alone, or with a modular load bearing vest worn over the body armor. The load-bearing vest can be customized to meet specific needs by affixing modular pouches using snaps and Velcro.

Pictures from demo, and book. 



armor&vest- airsave BA 1.jpg (43373 bytes) armor&vest- airsave BA 2.jpg (66396 bytes)

AIRSAVE Body Armor

This is the body armor of the AIRSAVE system. Fully adjustable shoulder and side closures. 

Pictures and info: from reader.



armor&vest- PC-MBSS 4.jpg (95838 bytes) armor&vest- PC-MBSS 1.jpg (79799 bytes)
armor&vest- PC-MBSS 2.jpg (70540 bytes) armor&vest- PC-MBSS 3.jpg (72807 bytes)
armor&vest- PC-BHI 1.jpg (67921 bytes) armor&vest- PC-MLCS 1.jpg (58710 bytes)

Plate Carrier Harness  

Pictures show various types of Plate carrier harnesses. These harness are designed to carry a single ballistic hard plate on the front and a single ballistic hard plate on the back. They all accept MOLLE compatible pouches/pockets, allowing SF operators to configure different setup specifically for day-to-day operations. 

Upper two rows. The famous Olive Drab MBSS plate carrier harness of the US Navy SEAL.  Different from Blackhawk and Eagle plate carrier harness, its shape is more rectangular. 

Bottom Left: Blackhawk industries STRIKE plate carrier harness, widely used by Navy SEALs, feature with IVS back panels. for better ventilation. 

Bottom Right: The mysterious MLCS plate carrier harness from Eagle industries

Pictures and info: from various readers, and Ebay. 



Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-5.jpg (43897 bytes) Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-7.jpg (43168 bytes)
Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-1.jpg (43948 bytes) Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-8.jpg (36171 bytes)
Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-6.jpg (44673 bytes) Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-9.jpg (40029 bytes)
Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-10.jpg (44579 bytes) Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-11.jpg (28963 bytes)
Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-2.jpg (46298 bytes) Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-12.jpg (39597 bytes)
Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-3.jpg (85165 bytes) Armor&vest-army SF DA II armor-4.jpg (91723 bytes)

SF DA Trauma Armor

This is the famous Army Special Force Direct Action Trauma Armor. Very similar to the RAV armor, but without the cut-away system and the PALS system.  Features: Woodland camo. Velcro attached modular pouches, zip-on back panel, external light stick holder at the elastic side strap, adjustable shoulder by snaps, shoulder protection pads, back radio pouches. Used by Army SF DA teams and USAF SF teams.

Pictures and info: from readers.


Armor&vest-army SF DA armor-2.jpg (36751 bytes) Armor&vest-army SF DA armor-1.jpg (34394 bytes)
Armor&vest-army SF DA armor-3.jpg (33111 bytes) Armor&vest-army SF DA armor-6.jpg (37085 bytes)
Armor&vest-army SF DA armor-4.jpg (78415 bytes)  

Army SF DA RAV  

Army Special Force Direct Action RAV. Features: Woodland camo. Equipment bars for MOLLE type modular pouches. Quick cut-away pull pillow, modular zip-on back panel. Internal light stick holder at the black elastic side strap, adjustable shoulder by snaps, shoulder  drink tube / comm wire channels. 

Pictures and info: Paraclete armor Inc. and readers.


armor&vest-RAV desert 1.jpg (33360 bytes) armor&vest-RAV desert 2.jpg (37416 bytes)
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Armor&vest-RAV OD-3.jpg (42364 bytes) Armor&vest-RAV OD-6.jpg (31937 bytes)
Armor&vest-RAV OD-4.jpg (80901 bytes) Armor&vest-RAV OD-5.jpg (51271 bytes)
Armor&vest-RAV OD-7.jpg (84549 bytes) Armor&vest-RAV OD-2.jpg (23622 bytes)
Armor&vest-RAV OD-1.jpg (26622 bytes)  

RAV Update  

We have received so many request for the info of  RAV armor and its set up. Many thanks to Mr. Tim, Paraclete armor Inc, Mr. Ken, Mr. Chris, and Mr. Bill. We are happy to present to you a update of the RAV. More info:

RAV (Releasable Assault Vest), a state of the art modular assaulters' vest. According to Mr. Tim. It is the result of 2 years of research and development. Tested under fire! The vest fully covered with PALS system, ready to accept any issued MOLLE / SPEAR / TT pouches. The zipper on the bottom of front and back panels allow operator to readily access the internal armor plate pockets and soft armor package. Innovative cut-away system separate the whole armor in case of emergency. The cut-away pillow can be placed on the right / left / bottom of the armor. Zip off back panel allows easily changes the configuration of the back of the vest. Drag handle sewn the full length of the vest, make it super strong for heavy dragging. Both shoulders have drink tube / comm wire channels. Optional ballistic collar, yoke, shoulder pads, groin panel are available. The RAV is currently used by various group of Special Forces all over the world.

Pictures show the tri-desert RAV and smoke green RAV. Both RAV is set up with various Paraclete modular Pouches, fully loaded!

For more info:



armor&vest-PT armor-3D-2.jpg (48480 bytes) armor&vest-PT armor-WL-1.jpg (54600 bytes)
armor&vest-PT armor-3D-3.jpg (42313 bytes) armor&vest-PT armor-WL-3.jpg (61349 bytes)
armor&vest-PT armor-3D-1.jpg (52118 bytes) armor&vest-PT armor-WL-2.jpg (47392 bytes)

PT Tactical Body Armor  

Woodland & Tri-color desert PT tactical armor.

PT Armor is a famous body armor among US Special Forces, such as SEALs and Army Special Forces. The armor provides extensive front, back, and side protection. Fully adjustable shoulder strap, and waist elastic straps ensure proper fit, and maximize comfort and mobility. Armor plates provide further protection. 

The sad news is the manufacturer of PT body armor was out of the business two year ago.

Pictures and info: from readers.


armor&vest-Spear-2.jpg (91338 bytes) armor&vest-Spear-1.jpg (41958 bytes)
armor&vest-Spear-3.jpg (49596 bytes) armor&vest-Spear-4.jpg (49375 bytes)
armor&vest-spear armor desert-2.jpg (29092 bytes) armor&vest-spear armor desert-1.jpg (30538 bytes)
armor&vest-spear armor desert-3.jpg (30945 bytes)  

SPEAR Body armor  

Special Operations Forces Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) is the United States Special Operations Commandís (USSOCOM) modernization effort for the joint (Army, Navy, and Air Force) Special Operations Forces (SOF) operator.

SPEAR body armor is a part of the SPEAR system. It provides protection against fragmentation, handgun, and rifle threats. The armor system contains a soft armor vest; front and back interchangeable upgrade plates, and modular neck and groin protection. It is also fully MOLLE compatible. It is currently issued to SF members. 

Bottom pictures show the Tri-color desert camo SPEAR Body Armor. Currently used by US Special Forces in Iraq and Middle East. The armor in the pictures belongs to an Army Special Force operator. He wrapped the armor shoulder strap with duct tape to prevent loosening. A practical tips!

Information: form Natick and readers. Special thanks!



armor&vest-spear ranger 3D-1.jpg (52846 bytes) armor&vest-spear ranger 3D-2.jpg (50290 bytes)
armor&vest-ranger spear-1.jpg (56398 bytes)


Tri-color desert and Woodland camo SPEAR Ranger Body Armor (RBA).

The armor is very similar to the original SPEAR body armor, except the he front MOLLE straps are sewn horizontally, and there is an drag-man handle at the back. The SPEAR RBA is currently used by the Army Rangers and Special Forces.

Pictures: from demo and tactical companies.



armor&vest-aav 6.jpg (70933 bytes) armor&vest-aav 7.jpg (82221 bytes)
armor&vest-aav 1.jpg (28398 bytes) armor&vest-aav 2.jpg (33404 bytes)
armor&vest-aav 3.jpg (34176 bytes) armor&vest-aav 4.jpg (21863 bytes)
armor&vest-FSBE-1.jpg (77735 bytes) armor&vest-aav 5.jpg (33685 bytes)
armor&vest-aav 3D-2.jpg (71906 bytes) armor&vest-aav 3D-1.jpg (78317 bytes)
armor&vest-aav-coyote-1.jpg (76453 bytes)  


The AAV body armor of the Full Spectrum Battle Equipment system (FSBE) of USMC. This body armor is MOLLE compatible. It also has neck protector, groin protector, and hard armor plate. The new version has a wire quick-release system.  

1st row pictures show the new AAV which has a quick release handle at the bottom of the body armor. When this handle is pulled, the whole vest will separated. 2nd row pictures show the old vest with Molle pouches attached. 

Bottom pictures: the Tri-desert and Coyote AAV body armor, currently use by the USMC Force recon in Iraq. 

Pictures from Mr. Brad, Lightfighter Inc. and readers. Special thanks!





armor&vest-comparsion Intercepter 4.jpg (71672 bytes) armor&vest-comparsion Intercepter 3.jpg (67391 bytes)
armor&vest-comparsion Intercepter 2.jpg (61559 bytes) armor&vest-comparsion Intercepter 1.jpg (74373 bytes)

2nd Gen Interceptor Body armor  

Second generation interceptor body armor (SD version). It comes with an improved side fixation system. Besides, there are no Molle straps at the lower back.

Pictures show the new version (SD version) and the old version (PB version). 

Pictures and info from USMC newsletter and manufacturers.



armor&vest-interceptor-3D-1.jpg (31702 bytes) armor&vest-interceptor-Tan-1.jpg (35530 bytes)
armor&vest-interceptor-6.jpg (47266 bytes) armor&vest-interceptor-8.jpg (47525 bytes)
armor&vest-interceptor-1.jpg (15850 bytes) armor&vest-interceptor-3.jpg (20539 bytes)

Interceptor Body armor 

Tri-desert camo and coyote Interceptor body armor,  specially designed for the US military in desert environment. Currently used by our Marines and Army soldiers. The body armor comes with detachable throat, groin protectors, and hard armor plates. It is MOLLE compatible. A better protection for our soldiers.

Pictures and info from USMC newsletter and original manufacturers.



armor&vest-RAV customed-1.jpg (54450 bytes) armor&vest-RAV customed-2.jpg (54949 bytes)
armor&vest-RAV customed-3.jpg (61680 bytes)  

RAV customized 

Pictures show a customized RAV body armor of a Army special forces. Armor&vest-army SF DA a

Pictures from lightfighter Inc. Special thanks!



armor&vest-FX-1.jpg (55938 bytes) armor&vest-FX-2.jpg (33515 bytes)
armor&vest-FX-3.jpg (50301 bytes)

FX Body Protection System  

FX Body protection system. The system protects the operator from contusion or soft tissue injury from FX bullets. FX bullets is widely used in SWAT and military for simulation training. 

Pictures and info: from tactical company and manufacturer.



armor&vest-RAV-1.JPG (70787 bytes) armor&vest-rav-2.jpg (42204 bytes)
armor&vest-rav-3.jpg (52218 bytes) armor&vest-rav-4.jpg (35571 bytes)
armor&vest-rav-5.jpg (47872 bytes) armor&vest-rav-6.jpg (39393 bytes)
armor&vest-rav-7.jpg (48588 bytes) armor&vest-rav-GG-1.jpg (36993 bytes)
armor&vest-rav-GG-2.jpg (41415 bytes) armor&vest-rav-GG-3.jpg (40831 bytes)

RAV Body Armor System  

RAV is a super-advanced body armor system. Features: Various MOLLE compatible modular pouches, back panels, and backpack. Better quick release system and pouch attachment system than FSBE AAV.  Pictures shows  woodland camo, and  Gray Green RAV. 

Pictures and info: from tactical company and manufacturer. Special thanks to Mr. Tim and Mr. Chris.





armor&vest-SpecOps-2.jpg (68564 bytes) armor&vest-SpecOps-6.jpg (65542 bytes)
armor&vest-escort-1.jpg (52179 bytes) armor&vest-escort-2.jpg (62567 bytes)
armor&vest-SpecOps-1.jpg (59013 bytes) armor&vest-SpecOps-3.jpg (65764 bytes)

PT Spec Ops Body Armor  

PT armor is one of the famous  body armors of the US spec-op groups. Features: Neck protection, hard armor plate insert, 4 retention straps. Used by Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces. 

Pictures and info from US Navy Demo, readers, and tactical equipment  company.



armor&vest-Pj armor 5.jpg (33715 bytes) armor&vest-Pj armor 3.jpg (31574 bytes)
armor&vest-Pj armor 1.jpg (38508 bytes) armor&vest-Pj armor 4.jpg (44057 bytes)
armor&vest-Pj armor 2.jpg (42448 bytes) armor&vest-Pj armor 6.jpg (37334 bytes)

USAF PJ Armor + Vest  

USAF PJ body armor and aircrew survival vest set. The system contains a fully adjustable body armor which can further integrate with a aircrew survival vest. The vest is a modular load bearing, multi-pocket utility vest. Different pocket options are available for accessorizing or customizing the vest. This system is currently used by USAF Pjs.

Picture: from readers and USAF video.





armor&vest-EOD suit-4.jpg (43209 bytes) armor&vest-EOD suit-5.jpg (40809 bytes)
armor&vest-EOD suit-7.jpg (55953 bytes) armor&vest-EOD suit-6.jpg (53282 bytes)
armor&vest-EOD suit-2.jpg (49709 bytes) armor&vest-EOD suit-3.jpg (48544 bytes)
armor&vest-EOD suit-8.jpg (48955 bytes) armor&vest-EOD suit-1.jpg (63547 bytes)

Bomb Suit  

Pictures show a Canadian made Boom Suit. It protects the EOD technician from against blast, heat and fragmentation.

Picture: from S. Korea. Special Thanks! 





armor&vest-pbpv 2.jpg (49010 bytes) armor&vest-pbpv 1.jpg (49753 bytes)

PBPV Body armor  

The PBPV body armor for the modern US Army. Similar to Ranger Body armor, side closure, with pocket for hard armor plates. 

Pictures: from Army news and readers. Special thanks!



armor&vest-SF vest 3.jpg (30929 bytes) armor&vest-SF vest 2.jpg (25920 bytes)
armor&vest-SF vest 5.jpg (15816 bytes) armor&vest-SF vest 6.jpg (25801 bytes)
armor&vest-SF vest 4.jpg (27380 bytes) armor&vest-SF vest-1.JPG (74990 bytes)

Army SF Body armor  

Army Special forces Body armor, similar to PBPV. Side closure, with hard armor plate. Pictures show a woodland camo version, and a customized black version.

Information: form a reader, special thanks!



armor&vest-RBA-customized-1.jpg (33792 bytes)  


Ranger body armor, customized version. Used by 75th ranger. Please note the small chest pocket and the additional shoulder straps. 

Information: form a reader, special thanks!



armor&vest-RBA-2.jpg (48980 bytes) armor&vest-RBA-3.jpg (45565 bytes)

Ranger Body Armor

Ranger Body Armor (RBA) + hard armor plate. Currently used by US Army Rangers and Army special forces. 

Pictures and info from a reader.



armor&vest-AVS-10.jpg (38871 bytes) armor&vest-AVS-9.jpg (30618 bytes)
armor&vest-AVS-5.jpg (36158 bytes) armor&vest-AVS-4.jpg (38689 bytes)
armor&vest-AVS-12.jpg (101671 bytes) armor&vest-AVS-16.jpg (49179 bytes)

Assault Vest System (AVS)

Assault Vest System (AVS). A system with a body armor and a modular vest + modular pouches. It was used by Marine special forces.

Pictures and info from USMC newsletter and manufacturer.




armor&vest-TP1E-2.jpg (28739 bytes) armor&vest-TP1E-4.jpg (26409 bytes)

TP-1E Body Armor

TP-1E ballistic vest. It provides protection from neck to coccyx. Front and back pocket for hard armor plate. Used by Navy and other special forces.

Pictures and Info from tactical company.




armor&vest-Seal armorA-1.jpg (52995 bytes) armor&vest-Seal armorA-2.jpg (50151 bytes)
armor&vest-Seal armor-1.jpg (39241 bytes) armor&vest-Seal armor-2.jpg (34312 bytes)
armor&vest-D armor-3.jpg (28354 bytes) armor&vest-D armor-2.jpg (21885 bytes)

Navy Body Armors 

Pictures show body armors of US Navy SEAL.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo and tactical companies.


armor&vest-usmc urban armor-1.jpg (31799 bytes) armor&vest-usmc urban armor-2.jpg (26997 bytes)
bdu-usmc urban camo 3.jpg (83257 bytes)  

Urban Terrain Body Armor 

Modular tactical Body Armor for urban terrain operations. Also see the new USMC urban camo.

Pictures: from USMC newsletter and tactical company.


armor&vest-USAF armor-1.jpg (41404 bytes) armor&vest-USAF armor-3.jpg (36631 bytes)

Army Body Armor 

Body armor of US Army rescue team. 

Pictures: from a reader.


armor&vest-USMC-1.jpg (36715 bytes)  

PASGT Flak Vest

The PASGT vest has a 3/4 collar, pivoting shoulder pads, two front pockets, two grenade hangers and rifle butt patches at the front shoulder area. Intended for fragments protection. Currently issued to US military troops.

Picture and Info from US military newsletter.



armor&vest-USN-1.jpg (27756 bytes) armor&vest-USN-2.jpg (30131 bytes)

USN Flak Vest

USN flak vest is similar to the PASGT flak vest. It is currently issued to US Navy.

Pictures and info from manufacturer.


armorvest-LAPD SWAT-2.jpg (44638 bytes) armorvest-LAPD SWAT-3.jpg (47397 bytes)

LAPD SWAT Armors  

LAPD SWAT tactical body armor. Features: modular pouch attachment system, zipper front closure, built-in front and back hard armor plate panels, and officer rescue strap on back.

Picture and Info from tactical company.



armor&vest-SWAT-1.jpg (25480 bytes) armor&vest-SWAT-2.jpg (19592 bytes)
armor&vest-SWAT-3.jpg (25078 bytes) armor&vest-SWAT-4.jpg (29304 bytes)
armor&vest-SWAT-5.jpg (11893 bytes) armor&vest-SWAT-6.jpg (64304 bytes)
armor&vest-SWAT-9.jpg (37418 bytes) armor&vest-SWAT-8.jpg (26730 bytes)
armor&vest-SWAT-10.jpg (32606 bytes) armor&vest-SWAT-7.jpg (33055 bytes)

SWAT Tactical Armors

Pictures shows varies types of tactical body armors used by SWAT teams and Police Dept.. Features: various fixed or modular pouches for different missions.

Picture and info from tactical companies and manufacturer newsletters.



Special thanks to the people who have assisted us in this page. 



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