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TAC-200 Navigation Board with Analog Depth Gauge and Dive Chronometer

Manufacturer RJE International, Mega Sports, Casio
Year of Manufacture 1990s
Country of Manufacture USA, Italy, Japan
Users USSOCOM, Navy SEALs, USMC Force Recon, US SOF, DEVGRU, Combat divers, Army Special Forces
Color Black


Designed for the U.S. Navy and Army Special Forces, the TAC-200 navigation board is smaller and lighter than the original TAC-100 navigation board, but has a larger compass which is easier to read in poor visibility. Using the latest in luminous technology allows divers to operate in the dark for 6 to 8 hours. The TAC-200 featured here comes with a Mega Sports Analog Depth Gauge, and Dive Chronometer (Casio G-shock).

Navigation boards are made for ‘continuous and precise navigation’.
You swim, count kicks: “one – scan area in front of you, two – check your headings, three – check your depth, four- check your teammate, five – check the timer and all over again”. Timer combines with counting the kicks provide you with an estimation of your speed and distance covered. Precise depth gauge, keeps you at the safe depth – to shallow and you can be detected, to deep and specially on O2 rig.

• TAC200-1 Navigation Board:
• Size of Board: 10.75”L (27.3cm)
• 6″W(3.8cm)
• 1.5”H(3.8cm)
• Board Material Black ABS
• TAC200-2 Underwater Compass:
• Compass Tilt 20°
• Compass Card 3.2″, Black with Luminous Numerals
• Luminous Properties 6 to 8 Hours
• Size 4.2″ (107.5cm) Diameter
• 2.7” (69cm) H

• Analog Depth Gauge
• MEGA SPORT military depth gauge, 0 to 60 feet, Italy
• Luminous indicators and pointer

• Dive Chronometer
• Casio G-shock, model DW-6600, Japan


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Italy, Japan, USA


Casio, Mega Sports, RJE International


Combat Diver, Devgru, Navy SEAL, US Army Special Forces, US SOF, USMC Force Recon, USSOCOM