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SureFire M900A Millennium Vertical Foregrip System

Manufacturer SureFire LLC
Year of Manufacture 2000s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US Army, US Navy, US Air force, Special Forces, USSOCOM, Navy SEALs, Delta Force, DEVGRU
Color Black
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Sure-Fire M900A Millennium Vertical Foregrip WeaponLight attaches to Picatinny rail interface-equipped weapons via a built-in A.R.M.S. throw-lever mount. M900A is equipped with five separate switches: (1) two pressure-sensitive momentary activation pads to control the main battle light – one on each side of the grip for ambidextrous operation (2) a constant-on switch (3) a system disable switch to lock the light in the OFF position for covert operations or to eliminate accidental light activation during storage, and (4) a third, smaller momentary switch to control two low-output LEDs that are useful whenever there is a need for a very small amount of light (stealth navigation, nighttime breaching operations, etc.)


  • Batteries – Three SureFire lithium SF123 3.0 Volt with 10-year shelf life
  • Lamp Assembly/Runtime – SureFire MN10 xenon/halogen gas-filled lamp assembly with 125 lumens output for 60 minutes, or 225 lumens for 20 minutes with included SureFire MN11 ultra-high output lamp assembly
  • Construction – Nitrolon (non-conductive, impact-resistant, aramid glass-filled polymer) housing, Pyrex lens window, shock-isolated aluminum bezel with hard-anodized finish
  • Switching – Pressure sensitive momentary activation pads, constant-on rotary switch, system disable rotary switch
  • Flawless white beam, always in focus
  • Bright enough to temporarily blind an opponent
  • Fits most Picatinny rail interface-equipped weapons including, Colt Carbine, Colt Rifle, G36, G36K, and UMP40/45
  • Available in: Secondary LED navigation lights WH (white), RD (red), and BL (blue)

Set up includes: LMT Mk18 CQBR Upper, KAC RIS Rail System (Navy), Insight Technology TPIAL PEQ-2A Target Pointer / Illuminator Aiming Laser, Aimpoint Comp M2 Red Dot Sight, Wilcox Aimpoint Comp M Mount, LMT Tactical Rear Sight, KAC M4QD Flash Suppressor Kit.



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SureFire LLC


Delta Force, Devgru, Navy SEAL, US Air Force, US Army, US Army Special Forces, US Navy, USSOCOM