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S&S Precision Manta Strobe

Manufacturer S&S Precision Manta Strobe
Year of Manufacture 2011
Country of manufacture USA
Users US Air Force, US Army, US Army Special Forces, US Navy, Navy SEALs, USSOCOM
Color Coyote


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Manta Strobe is a dedicated helmet mounted, multi-spectrum light emitter optimized for Military Operations. It has the lightest weight and lowest profile in its power class. The curved hook Velcro base fits perfectly to tactical helmets. The smooth shape without protruding edges reduces snag hazard. The Main Housing or Partitioned Battery Compartment is waterproof for 150 feet underwater with zero water penetration.
The strobe is powered by one 3V CR-123 battery. It provides multiple Infrared and Overt LEDs generate an overlapping and omnidirectional light emission at the push of easily located buttons.

One hand operated tail button turns on IR mode (with vibrating feedback). Two side buttons require simultaneous activation to activate visible strobe. Hence, reducing operator error and increasing safety in the field.


  • Downward (”Low”) facing Infrared Emitter (positive IFF for close in work with minimal glare)
  • Upward (“High”) facing Infrared Emitters (multiple emitters delivering a peak IR signal for maximum distance)
  • Primary Overt LED/s are visible beyond the FAR105.19 requirement (3 Statute Miles)


  • Recommend an additional retention to secure the strobe at helmet surface to prevent loss
  • Photos feature a Manta strobe (2011 version) that has a metal tail cap. Newer version has a plastic tail cap
  • iPhone camera is a convenient way to check if the IR emitter is on (when you don’t have the NVG handy)

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S&S Precision


US Air Force, US Army, US Army Special Forces, US Navy, USSOCOM