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Pro-Tec Classic Full Cut Helmet (HALO / HAHO setup)

Manufacturer Pro-Tec , Gentex Corp (Oxygen mask), Kroop (Goggles)
Year of Manufacture 1980s (Helmet & Goggles), 2008 (Oxygen Mask)
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US SOF, Army, Navy, Air force, Special Forces, USSOCOM, Navy SEALs, Delta Force,
Color Black
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Pro-Tec helmet

1990s US SOF Pro-Tec Helmet HALO setup: The Pro-Tec helmet has bayonet lugs attached to the sides for an oxygen mask. There is also a boom mic mount base located at the bottom left for communication setup. The front of the helmet has a block made by duct tape to secure the skydiving goggles from sliding off when it is over the helmet. Pictures also feature a Scott MBU-12/P oxygen mask and a Kroop’s skydiving boogie goggles.

Pro-Tec skate helmet, developed in 1970s
Widely adopted by military as a bump helmet
Commonly seen in HALO, CQB, VBSS, maritime / urban terrain operations
Made of plastic, holds features such as two stage premium liner, ear protection, stainless steel hardware, and tubular webbing.

Gentex PM HALO/HAHO Oxygen Mask
Specially designed for military and civilian parachutists performing High Altitude – Low Opening (HALO) and High Altitude – High Opening (HAHO) jumps, the PM HALO/HAHO Oxygen Mask offers unsurpassed life support and performance benefits for airborne operations.
• Contoured, light-weight, low-profile oronasal mask with optimal mask/face seal and comfort, which maximizes field-of-view for enhanced situational awareness. The mask suspension can be custom-trimmed for special fits, and is available in five sizes
• Separate inhalation and exhalation valves to minimize breathing resistance and reduce user fatigue at high altitudes as well as an integral anti-suffocation valve to protect the user in the event of oxygen depletion. The side entry oxygen supply hose is available in different lengths, is a 35-inch braided NOMEX hose terminated with a quick disconnect fitting
• Lightweight and crush resistant
• Mask-mounted M-169A/AIC microphone allows ease of communication
• Flexibility of user selection for fastening components – mask snap adaptors or bayonet receivers – to provide mask stability and retention during all phases of operations
Key Features of the Mask
• Improved comfort
• Increased field of view
• Low maintenance
• Reduced breathing resistance
• Integrated Communications
• Integrated Anti-Suffocation valve



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