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Parachutist Navigation Board- Standard

Manufacturer Wilcox Industries
Year of Manufacture 2013
Country of Manufacture USA
Users Special Operations Forces, USSOCOM, US SOF, Devgru, Navy SEALs, Delta Forces
Color Black
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Wilcox Parachutist Navigation Board (Standard Version)
The Wilcox Parachutist Navigation Board (Standard Version) is a light weight navigation platform designed to provide High Altitude High Opening  (HAHO) parachutist the ability to navigate via a backlit Floating Ball Compass, a handheld GPS unit, and an Altimeter. For covert night time operations, the Ball Compass features a red LED back light that can be illuminated at high or low power mode via a three position power switch.

The board also features an adjustable, multi-angled articulating back plate and a hinge system that allows the parachutists to deploy the Navigation Board once safely under parachute canopy. The board can be worn by the parachutist via a Rhodesian Vest, attached to the waistband of the parachutist harness, or mounted on the top of the front-mounted ruck.

Pictures feature:
Wilcox Parachutist Navigation Board (Standard Version)
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