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MC-4 Ram Air Free-Fall Personnel Parachute System


Para-Flite Inc.

Year of Manufacture


Country of Manufacture USA

Special Operations Forces, USSOCOM, US SOF, Devgru, Navy SEALs, Delta Forces, Army Special Forces


Olive Drab

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The MC-4 is the standard military free fall parachute system of the US Army Special Forces in the 1990s. It was later replaced by the MC-5 and RA-1 Ram-Air Parachute System. The MC-4 is designed to meet the full range of military free fall parachute operations, including HALO (high altitude, low opening) and HAHO (high altitude, high opening) parachute jumps.

The MC-4 parachute system is a dual parachute system with similar main and reserve canopies. The main and reserve canopies are 7-cell, 370 sq. ft. rectangular gliding canopy design. Both parachutes are located on the back of the parachutist leaving the front clear for mounting additional equipment or instrumentation. The principles used in its construction allow it to have high forward speed, a 3 to 1 glide ratio, and excellent maneuverability. In an emergency, the ram air system uses a single point canopy release to jettison the main canopy and deploy the reserve canopy. The reserve parachute uses a free bag deployment system, a high drag pilot chute, and an 18-foot bridle line with deployment assist pockets; each designed to increase the reliability of the reserve parachute in an emergency.

The Harness is adjustable at 7 points, and has provisions for a main ripcord release or reserve automatic ripcord release. The MC-4 is completely compatible with the proven Cypres AAD or Irvin FF-2 automatic ripcord release, as well as other automatic ripcord releases qualified for use by the US Army, for assured activation of the main parachute. The MC-4 also has an adjustable belly band and 4 equipment rings, that accept all current oxygen bottles, radios, navigation aids, weapons, rucksacks, equipment bags and lowering lines.