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LBT-0290D Enhanced M4 Chest Harness

Manufacturer London Bridge Trading Inc.
Year of Manufacture 2000s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US Navy SEALs, DEVGRU, Naval Special Warfare units, US SOF
Color Pinky Tan
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LBT-0290D Enhanced M4 Chest Harness (Pinky Tan)

The LBT-0290D Enhanced M4 Chest Harness is a very popular chest rig used by the US Special Operations Forces. This design holds similarities with the traditional UK chest rig. There are four individual pouches which will contain the magazines securely by Velcro. Each pouch will hold three M-16, three AK-17, or two M-14 magazines. There are webbings at both sides where users can add additional ALICE or MOLLE Pouches.

General Features
• Four magazine pouches, each can alternately hold three M4/M16 mags, three AK mags, or two M14 mags.
• Magazine pouches secured with heavy duty hook and loop with quick pull tabs
• Map pocket, secured with two heavy duty snaps
• Four Belt loop guides, secured with heavy duty snaps with hook and loop for added security
• Padded, adjustable, shoulder straps, secured with heavy duty side release closure
• Adjustable back strap

Other gears in this set up include:
• Veltye Hugger Plate Carrier (Early Gen)
• Eagle Industries MLCS MBITR Pouch
• Eagle Industries MLCS Water Canteen Pouch