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Integrated Ballistic Helmet (IBH) + PM HALO/HAHO Oxygen Mask

Manufacturer ILC Dover (Helmet), Gentex Corp (Mask), Bolle (Goggles)
Year of Manufacture 1995-1996 (Helmet), 2008 (Mask), 1980s (Goggles)
Country of Manufacture USA
Users USAF Special operations, CCT, PJs, Navy SEALs, FBI, US SOF
Color Black
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Integrated Ballistic Helmet (IBH)

-Integrated ballistic helmet was designed and built by ILC Dover in 1995 to 1996.

-Only 741 Unit were produced, mainly for USSOCOM and FBI use.

-Designed with weight reduction and integration of specific communication system called AHS (Ambient Hearing System). System granted the user hearing protection with increased communication ability with prewired boom mics, radio connections for both PRC and Motorola use, dual radio ability as well as environmental monitoring through ambient noise detection.

-IBH was also designed to interface with wide variety of oxygen mask systems for HALO and airborne operations such as the PHAOS, MBU as well as gas masks.

-Originally provided with ANVIS-6 NVG mount, the IBH would also use Wilcox or other NVG mounts for the PVS 7/14/15/18/21 goggles.

-Size adjustment is achieved through modular pad set that also provided the user comfort as well as impact protection.

-Used 4-point chin strap assembly

Gentex PM HALO/HAHO Oxygen Mask

Specially designed for military and civilian parachutists performing High Altitude – Low Opening (HALO) and High Altitude – High Opening (HAHO) jumps, the PM HALO/HAHO Oxygen Mask offers unsurpassed life support and performance benefits for airborne operations.

• Contoured, light-weight, low-profile oronasal mask with optimal mask/face seal and comfort, which maximizes field-of-view for enhanced situational awareness. The mask suspension can be custom-trimmed for special fits, and is available in five sizes
• Separate inhalation and exhalation valves to minimize breathing resistance and reduce user fatigue at high altitudes as well as an integral anti-suffocation valve to protect the user in the event of oxygen depletion. The side entry oxygen supply hose is available in different lengths, is a 35-inch braided NOMEX hose terminated with a quick disconnect fitting
• Lightweight and crush resistant
• Mask-mounted M-169A/AIC microphone allows ease of communication
• Flexibility of user selection for fastening components – mask snap adaptors or bayonet receivers – to provide mask stability and retention during all phases of operations
Key Features of the Mask
• Improved comfort
• Increased field of view
• Low maintenance
• Reduced breathing resistance
• Integrated Communications
• Integrated Anti-Suffocation valve

Bolle X500 Attacker Tactical Goggles
It is made with a lightweight, flexible PVC frame, comfortable 8 mm PVC foam and a double polycarbonate and acetate lens system. The Attacker is Bolle’s original tactical goggle and also offers superior dust and ballistic protection for tactical, safety and the outdoor ATV environment.
The flexible frame of Bolle Attacker Tactical Goggle X500 uses a double pin retention system to secure the lens and special grooves are built into the sides to accommodate glasses. The face foam of Bolle Attacker Tactical Goggles is made of soft PVC, 8 mm thick, for a good seal and comfort. The Double Lens of Bolle X500 Attacker Tactical Goggles creates a thermal barrier to prevent fogging and provide added protection. The outer lens is 1.44 mm polycarbonate and the inner lens is .7 mm acetate, giving 2.4 mm of total protection.



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