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Experimental Tactical Load Bearing Vest 1986 (2nd Pattern) & Combat Patrol Pack

Manufacturer Natick, Adventure Specialist, Lowe Alpine
Year of Manufacture 1986
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US Army
Color Woodland Camo




1986 Experimental Tactical Load Bearing Vest (2nd Pattern)
This experimental vest was developed by Natick for the US military in 1986. The vest was made by Adventure Specialist, Contract No. DAAK60-86-C-0043.

Different from the 1st pattern, the 2nd pattern prototype vest has a new quick release system (located at the front of the shoulder pads) that allows quick-don-and-off a combat patrol pack made by Lowe Alpine. This vest system was field tested by the US Spec Ops units in the 80s and during Desert Storm.

Pictures also feature a comparison between two combat patrol packs:
1) Woodland camo experimental combat patrol pack 1986
2) Olive Green combat patrol pack LCS-84 / CFP-90