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Dieter CQD™ Sling with Sling Cover (2-Point) - SPECWARGEAR.com

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Dieter CQD™ Sling with Sling Cover (2-Point)

Manufacturer Blackhawk Industries
Year of Manufacture 2000s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US Navy SEALs, DEVGRU, Naval Special Warfare Units
Color Black
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Blackhawk 71CQS1BK Dieter CQD 2-Point 1.25″ Wide Tactical Sling With Sling Cover:
Designed by special operations trainer Duane Dieter the Dieter CQD Sling is made with BlackHawk’s 1.25 inch T-13 webbing. It is wider and softer than normal webbing and works great in the buckles. There is no chafing or scraping and it’s easily adjustable. Heavy-duty elastic assists with strikes and point shooting as well as quick adjustment in difficult situations. Metal snap hooks attach to most weapon systems, brackets or attachment buckles. The sling is adjustable in length via a triglide buckle at each end, and can be configured as a two-point or single-point sling (by interlocking the two HK sling hooks).

Photos feature: Comparison between the Blackhawk 71CQS1BK Dieter CQD sling and the Tac-Ord NAVSPECWARCOM CQBWS sling.


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Blackhawk Industries


Devgru, Naval Special Warfare Units, Navy SEAL