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Aimpoint 1000 Red Dot Sight

Manufacturer Aimpoint AB
Year of Manufacture 1987 – 1991
Country of Manufacture Sweden
Users Army, Navy, Air force, Special Forces, USSOCOM, Navy SEALs, Delta Force, USSOF
Color Black
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Aimpoint 1000 which was launched in 1987 was based on the same principles as Aimpoint Mark III scope but had a revised design to make the sight slimmer and lighter. The automatic light adjustment was replaced by a 9-level switch and a few other changes were made to achieve a more competitive price level.

Art nr: 12003
Working principle: Reflex collimator sight – red dot sight

Lightsource: LED (Light Emitting Diode) totally eye-safe
Red dot size in MOA (minute of angle): 3 *
Parallax: Absence of parallax – No centering required
Eye relief: Unlimited
Night vision compatibility: No
Anti-reflex coating all surfaces & multi-layer coating objective lens: Yes
Magnification: No magnification (1X)

Battery: Two Duracell D357 H (1.5 volt) or One 3V Lithium battery, type 2L76 or DL1/3N
Dot intensity adjustment: Manual rotary switch
Daylight (DL) settings: 1 Off & 9 DL
Color housing: Black
Mounting methods: Weaver base