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Casio Grey Green G-shock

Grey Green / Tan military Casio G-shock. 

Information: from military watch collector.


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Zulu military watch bands

Maratac brand Zulu watch straps. These straps are everything you could want in a watch strap for use in a high stakes environment. The nylon is both soft but firm with laser burnt holes leaving no nasty burrs to irritate your wrist or wear on your wet suit. The buckles are made from brushed high grade 316L Stainless Steel that has extremely low (if any) magnetic properties making these straps ideal for use with your dive compass as well as your watch. These bands are a one-piece design that weaves through your watch for maximum watch security during wet operations or just around town. King Neptune has enough watches. He doesn't need yours too. We would gladly put these bands up against any other band on the market as the most rugged and secure available. Solid and robust with no frills.

Upper two rows: 2 buckle military watch bands

Bottom picture: 4 buckle military watch bands (see below).

Maratac Zulu 4 buckle bands. These bands have an additional set of rings that prevent any possibility of your watch moving on the band. These bands also are available with Darkened "Low-Lite" finished 316L Stainless Steel hardware or simple brushed 316L Stainless finish.

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Casio Mil-shock

NSN 6645-01-356-5944 With Current SOPMOD
(Special Operations Peculiar Modification)

Here's What's Different

1. All incoming watches are inspected for accuracy, water resistance, proper function, battery performance and cosmetic appearance.

2. The case of the watch is machined to allow a MIL-S 46383B TYPE 3 20mm band with blackened stainless steel buckle to replace the factory hard plastic band. These nylon bands have a melting point of 482 degrees F making them suitable for aviators. The band also stays flexible down to -20 degrees for winter operations.

3. Wimpy chrome plated brass Spring bars have been replaced with solid stainless steel pins that won't rot out no matter how much salt, sweat and dust they are subjected to.

4. Includes a original copy of the 8"X11" Operator's Guide Book as provided to the U.S. Naval Weapons Laboratory, Virginia

The standard features of this watch include:
Shock resistant (G-Shock) · Electro-luminescent backlight · 1/100 second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 23:59 59:99" Measuring mode: net time, split time, 1st-2nd place times · Daily alarm · Hourly time signal · Regular timekeeping: hour, minute, second, am/pm, date, day · Auto-calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2039) · 12/24 hour formats · Accuracy: ± 30 seconds per month · Battery: Approx. 2 years on CR2016

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Desert Casio G-shock

Desert Casio G-shock. 

Information: from military watch collector.


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Casio G-shock Watches

Famous Casio G-shock watches are currently used by US SF operators. Features: shock resistant, electro-luminescent backlight, 1/100 second stopwatch, measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99", target time setting, countdown alarm, auto start function, auto-calendar, 12/24-hour formats, battery: approx. 2 years.

Other G-shock watches also with special features, e.g. thermometer.

Information: from military watch collector.


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SANDY 660 Navigator Watch

Stocker and Yale, Model SANDY 660 Type6 Navigator Watch, MIL-W46374F/6645-01-364-4042. This is a rare Switzerland-made US military watch, limited number were issued to US military from 1995 to 1998. Features: Quartz movement, hacking and date feature, screw-down crown, self-luminous tritium gas tubes, stainless steel case, Helsolite hardened glass crystal, fliplock stainless steel bracelet, shock resistant, water resistant, Nylon or metal wrist strap, 3mm X 10mm X 22mm lug width.

Information: from military watch collector.



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SANDY 650 Navigator Watch

Stocker and Yale, Model SANDY 650 Type6 Navigator Watch, MIL-W-46374F/6645-01-364-4042. It has a famous civilian version made by Luminox with "Navy SEALs" printed on the dial. 

The actual watch was issued to limited number of US forces: USAF, US army, USN, specially the Rangers, SEALs and special force from 1995 to date. Features:  12 Hour GMT bezel, Quartz movement, hacking, Tritium gas-tube luminescence, user serviceable battery,  non-reflecting black nylon alloy case, Helsolite hardened glass crystal, water-resistant, shock-resistant, 20mm nylon issue strap. It is truly a collectable item!

Information: from military watch collector.



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Type 590 Military Watch

Stocker and Yale, Military Quartz Watch, type 590. It is a general purpose quartz movement watch and has extensively used in Gulf War. Features:  Quartz movement with quick change date, hacking, self luminous Tritium gas tubes, nylon/fiberglass composite material case, hardened mineral glass with metal surround, 39mm x 39mm.

Information: from military watch collector.



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Type 490 Military Watch

Stocker and Yale, Military Mechanical Watch, type 490. It is a general purpose mechanical movement watch. Military issue and has used in Gulf war.  Features:  Swiss made 17 jewel ETA quick beat movement, hacking, self luminous Tritium gas tubes, nylon/fiberglass composite material case, hardened mineral glass with metal surround, 39mm x 39mm.

Information: from military watch collector.



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Marathon Navigators Watch

Marathon's new U.S. Military Navigator's Watch, year 2000. Currently issued to USAF and USN. MIL-W-46374F/6634-01-364-4042. Features: 12 hour GMT bezel, Swiss quartz movement, Tritium gas-tube luminescence, water resistant to 6 ATM (196 feet), function well at high altitude to 35,000 FT without compensating pressurization, composite case and acrylic crystal, nylon issue wrist strap. Size: 42mm x 11mm x 20 mm lug width.

Information: from military watch collector.



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Steel Navigators Watch

Marathon Navigators watch, steel case. It is similar to the above, and was manufactured in 1990. Issued to USAF and USN.

Information: from military watch collector.


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Basic Field Watch

Marathon, Military Quartz, Basic field watch. It is a general purpose quartz movement watch, MIL-W-46374F/6645-01-318-9833. Features: Quartz movement, self luminous Tritium gas tubes, fiberglass/composite case, acrylic crystal, nylon issue strap, water resistant to 3 ATM, user serviceable battery hatch, 34mm x 11mm x 16mm lug width.

Information: from military watch collector.



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Navy SEAL Dive Watch

Manufactured by Luminox® under contract agreement with Stocker and Yale Inc. These watch was promoted as the choice of U.S. Navy SEALs and EOD personnel. Made to the same Mil Spec: MIL-W-46374F. Features: Tritium illuminated hands, hour markers, unidirectional bezel reference source, water resistant to 660 feet, polyamide case, stainless steel back, tempered mineral glass crystal, heavy duty PVC wrist band and an additional heavy duty nylon wrist band with compass, five Jewel Swiss quartz-analog movement. Choice of either Black, Yellow, or Blue watch face.

Information: from military watch collector.




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