SEAL Dive Gear-2000

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SEAL Combat Divers

US Navy SEAL Combat Divers, Year 2000. 

Silent and Deadly! Equipped with LAR-V Mod 2 Rebreather, Camo BDU, Wet suit, Dive fins, MP5 sub-machine gun. 

Pictures: rom US Navy Demo, Year 2000.


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LAR-V Mod 2 Rebreather

LAR-V Mod 2 Rebreather: Weight: 27 to 31 lbs. Diving depth: 0 to 33 FSW. 1.9 liter cylinder for greater gas capacity. 

Information: from US Navy and military newsletter.


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Secumar Life Preserver

Secumar Life Preserver is worn outside of the LAR-V Mod 2 Rebreather. It is a horse collar type life preserver with waist and crotch straps, used as 1) life vest at the surface, 2) rescue escape unit, 3) buoyancy compensator.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.


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Pictures:  A SEAL combat diver wears woodland camo BDU and a load bearing vest (LBV). The suspender harness attaches a padded duty belt where holds various mag pouches and gears. 

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.


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Personal Rigs

Pictures: The various mag pouches and equipment that carried by the combat divers.

Including: M16 Mag pouches, Water canteen, First-aid pouch, M12/UM84 holster, P226 Pistol with lanyard, Dorp leg MP5 mag pouch, MP5 submachine gun, Saber radio, Diver navigation board, G-shock watch, Depth gauge, Dive compass, USN Mk 3 Mod 0 combat knife, Carabiners, and bunjee cord.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.


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Dive Fins and Boots

Upper pictures: Dive Fins in camo pattern. Bottom picture: Coral boots of US Navy SEAL.

Pictures: from US Navy Demo.


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Upper left: Dive compass. Upper right: Depth gauge and G-shock watch. Bottom left: Diver navigation board with depth gauge and G-shock watch. Bottom right: Depth gauge.

Pictures: US Navy Demo.


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