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explosive.gif (3058 bytes)SpecwarGear Fabrics: This page is dedicated to offer readers top quality military-spec fabrics / webbings in small quantities. We know many readers have headache to get Mil-spec fabrics or webbings to repair and modify their gears, especially in small quantities. Besides, most readers usually don't know the code name of the webbings and fabrics. It makes them difficult to communicate and place an order with fabrics companies. Worst still, most companies will not deal with individuals or small orders. Or the salesperson may only know fabrics / webbings but not military gears. 

            In response to the need, this webpage is created. Each type of fabrics or webbing will be introduced with reference to common military or tactical nylon gears, e.g. Load bearing vest, MOLLE gears, Eagle or Blackhawk tactical gears. We are sure most readers have an impression of the webbings used in these products. In this format, readers will be able to understand the type of webbing we are offering. All fabrics or webbings in this page are military graded and made in USA. Please be advised that the color of the items on your monitor may not look exactly the same on the screen as the actual items you will receive due to the variations in computer settings and lighting, but also be aware that we have made great efforts to find the materials used by the pros for you to use in your gear projects.  More fabrics and webbing is coming. Please E-mail us for details. Thanks again to all who contributed to this webpage and don't forget to send us the pictures of your completed custom gear projects!

            Upon sending us items back for exchange or return, please enquire permission to do so prior to sending us the actual merchandise.  Please understand that for items requesting an exchange, the buyer will be responsible for return shipping of the item/s exchanged. We pride ourselves in giving good customer service to our readers. We have yet to receive an item for return to date and intend to keep things that way.


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Mil-spec Nylon Webbings

Brand new, Military spec, Heavy duty olive drab nylon webbing, available in 1.5 and 2 inch.  Made in USA!

This type of webbing is the one used at the waist fixation straps in MOLLE FLC vest and Backpack Frame and SPEAR body armor and ELCS vest. The Webbing is also used as drag handle in body armor or assault vest. 

Item#: SWGF-001  

Price: 1.5" webbing: $3 per foot

             2" webbing: $4 per foot

To buy, please E-mail us with item #,  and your shipping address.

Accept PayPal.



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Military Binding Tape

Brand new, Military spec, Olive drab nylon binding tape, 1" wide.  Made in USA!

This is the binding tape used for binding the seams of almost every military gears.  It is used to protect and secure the seams of vests and pouches from wear and tear

Item#: SWGF-002   

Price: $2.00 per foot

To buy, please E-mail us with item #, and your shipping address.

       Accept PayPal.



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Military MOLLE Webbing  

Brand new, Military spec, Olive green MOLLE  strapping, 1" wide.  Made in USA!

This is the exact same heavy duty webbing used by SDS, Safariland, TT, Eagle and others for MOLLE PALS webbing and attachment straps on packs, vests  pockets and pouches.  It can be used both to construct the PALS matrix on pouches in the PALS or MALICE styles or the PALS matrix on vests, leg rigs and packs or for cinch, drag or gear securing  straps.

Item#: SWGF-003  

Price: $3.00 per foot.

To buy, please E-mail us with item #, and your shipping address.

Accept PayPal.



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Military Soft Herringbone Webbing

This is the hard to find lightweight 'V shaped' webbing used for quick release pull-tabs on vests like the SPEAR body armor or pouches like the MOLLE magazine pouch.  We looked near and far AND high and low to bring this useful item to you, our faithful SpecwarGear friends!  Made in USA!

Item#: SWGF-004 

Price: $3.00 per foot

To buy, please E-mail us with item #,  and your shipping address.

Accept PayPal.



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4 Inch Military Velcro

Brand new, military spec 4" wide Velcro brand hook and loop fastener.  Non adhesive backing to be used by sewing onto your gear!  Made in USA!

Item#: SWGF-005

Color: Desert Tan or Olive Drab

Price: $6.00 per foot (including both hook and loop)

To buy, please E-mail us with item #,  and your shipping address.

Accept PayPal.



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Military Adhesive Backed Hook Velcro

Genuine GI tan colored hook (hard side) Velcro brand fastener 1" wide. Adhesive backed. Made in USA!

This is great to stick to gear you can't sew your Velcro onto like strobes, battery boxes, helmets and other hard items.

Item#: SWGF-006 

Price: $2.00 per foot (sorry hook side only at this time)

To buy, please E-mail us with item #, and your shipping address.

Accept PayPal.





We welcome your comment and input.



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