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explosive.gif (3058 bytes)Collectors' Corner: This area  is designed to display the collections of every sincere collectors and help them to make new friends. E-mail us your pictures, websites, and a short description about yourself. We will post them if the content is alright. Please also see the disclaimer


  Disclaimer (Apr, 03)

1) We have received a number of messages complaining about the use of US military insignia mimicing those used by our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.  We understand collectors admire their heroes and are using these insignia to emulate these men and women.  However, it is also important to show your respect to them. From now on, we will be obscuring the insignia worn by those not serving or having served.  If you like you may send in your images with these insignia modified already, which will save us time when updating the site.  If you have a rare or custom insignia you would like us to display with your pictures please give us a description so we can post it on the site to explain what it is.  We appreciate your help with this matter. For the pictures that already posted in the webpages, we will take our time to modify them.

2) We have been receiving many questions about Airsoft (replica BB toy guns and war-games) lately. We are aware that many collectors are also Airsoft enthusiasts especially in oversea countries, and are greatful for your participation in our site.  *However, please be informed that is an on-line military museum, and we are not airsofters, nor do we deal with airsoft gear or equipment, war gaming or mil-simming.  We are happy to display your airsoft gear with your other gear, and would ask that you identify it as such when contacting us. Thanks!

*All we are asking is that our readers try to respect our heroes and aid us in our goal of providing information about the tools of the trade of Specwar!  Thank you as always for your enthusiastic support !!



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