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USMC M240B Machine Gun

Manufacturer Fabrique Nationale (FN)
Year of Manufacture Late 1990s
Country of Manufacture Belgium / USA
Users US Marine Corp
Color Black
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The M240 Machine Gun provides Marines with a continuous and high rate of fire to engage long-range targets. It is a heavier automatic weapon than the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) but provides a faster rate of fire and a longer effective range. Typically, the tripod is employed when the weapon is to be used for defensive situations, or when precise fire is needed in support of maneuver units. The bipod is always attached and is suitable for use while patrolling.

Ammunition: 7.62mm
Weight with bipod: 24 pounds
Length: 47.5 inches
Maximum effective range with tripod: 1800 meters (1.1 miles)
Maximum range: 3725 meters (2.31 miles)
Maximum rate of fire: 100 rounds/minute (sustained), 200 rounds/minute (rapid), 650-950 rounds/minute (cyclic)
During rapid fire, the barrel should be changed every two minutes
Can be mounted on tanks and light armored vehicles


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Belgium / USA


Fabrique Nationale (FN)


US Marine Corp


Late 1990s


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