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Special Operations Modular Assault Vest System (SOMAVS)

Manufacturer ZAVTEK
Year of Manufacture Late 1980s, 1990s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US Navy SEAL, US SOF
Color Woodland Camo
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Special Operations Modular Assault Vest System (SOMAVS).

SOMAVS was made by ZAVTEK in the late 1980s. It is a modular vest system that is extremely versatile. The system can quickly be changed to various configurations depending on the operation, type of weapon, communications equipment, ordnance, or survival system required; and can be used for airborne / water operations. The system is made of 840 Denier ballistic nylon. This material is lightweight, non-hydroscopic and porous for ventilation. The whole system includes an assault vest, modular panels, an operational day / patrol pack, vest buoyancy modules, belt mounted pouches, drop leg holster / magazine pouches, BDU belt, and a chest mounted emergency extraction rappel harness.

The front of the vest has eight twist lock type fasteners, permitting a variety of modular pouches to be silently attached / changed / shared (between operators). All ammunition modules are designed to allow one motion extraction from pouch to weapon. To speed access, the pouches are positioned at a horizontal angle. This configuration becomes critical in a fire fight where maintaining minimum body elevation is essential.

Full length pockets inside the vest hold nylon wire handcuffs, maps, or other accessories. The shoulder pads are made of special closed cell foam for comfort and prolong usage. ZAVTEK also made a pair vest buoyancy modules that attach to the inside of each vest panel, providing 18 lbs positive buoyancy for riverine crossings, jumps, or combat swims.

After ZAVTEK closed their business, Eagle Industries began to manufacture the SOMAVS in the early 1990s. There are few differences between ZAVTEK SOMVAS and Eagle Industries SOMVAS. We will introduce the Eagle Industries SOMAVS in the near future.