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Manufacturer RBR
Year of Manufacture 2000s
Country of Manufacture UK, USA
Users AFSOC, USAF, Pararescue, STS, CCT, Special Operations Forces, USSOCOM, US SOF
Color Tan
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RBR MACH III Helmet set up including: Peltor ComTac Headset, Communication Earplug Protection (CEP) Kit, PO protective glass, Surefire helmet light, Norotos 3-Hole night vision shroud + Strap assembly + Norotos Titanium Advanced Tactical Mount (TATM), PVS-15 NVG.
Also pictured: Comparison between RBR MACH III and MSA MICH 2001 Helmet.

The RBR MILITARY MACH SERIES ADVANCED COMBAT HELMET is based on the original Special Forces MICH Design with a focus toward reduction in size and an elevated cut around the ears. The MACH SERIES was designed for Military and Police special tactical units where compatibility with all NV and communication systems is of critical importance along with wearer comfort. Helmets provide un-matched Level IIIA protection and include the RBR 4 point suspension system secured with only four bolts to ensure maximum ballistic integrity, comfort and stability. The RBR Mach II Helmet is fitted with a fully adjustable padded head harness, attached via four (4) fastener screws. The head harness includes leather covered front padding, nylon covered rear padding and leather comfort crown pad. RBR Helmets are fully adjustable in the circumference as well as the wearing height, therefore, two sizes can be adjusted to fit all heads.

• Wider cut around the ears for use with various communications systems
• Colors: Black, OD and Tan • Tested and certified by H.P. White Labs withstanding multiple impact IIIA ballistics
• V-50 Performance exceeds 2100 FPS
• 4-Point Comfort Plus suspension system
• Weight: 3 lbs
• Optional Mil-Spec multi-pad suspension system capable • Tested to MIL-STD 662E for fragmentation performance
• Tested to H.P. White helmet test procedure for IIIA performance (HPW-TP-0401.01B)
• Sizes: Medium (Up to 7 1/4″) & Large (7 1/4″ and above)
• Higher cut around the neck for more movement and peripheral vision
• Available with the MILSPEC padding system.

Communication Earplug Protection (CEP) Kits
CEP Kits provide excellent hearing protection for helmets and headsets. They are great alternatives to ANR systems, battlefield-hardened, require no batteries, very easy to install, and will fit any helmet and most standard size headsets. CEP Kits can also be added to ANR headsets and helmets systems for the ultimate in noise protection. Tests showed significant reductions in noise frequency spectra that are prevalent in helicopters. In addition, speech intelligibility was rated higher with the CEP system than with any other noise protection system, including active noise attenuation systems.

• Passive noise protection rivals ANR systems
• Noise attenuation ranges from 30dB in the low frequencies and 45 dB near 4KHz.
• Built tough for use in hostile military environments
• No failures due to complex electronic circuits or sensor microphones used in ANR systems
• Replaceable foam ear-tips. Can be washed and re-used many times
• Compact – Fits easily into flight case or flight bag
• No batteries required


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AFSOC, CCT, Pararescue, Special Operations Forces, STS, US Air Force, US SOF, USSOCOM