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Pro-Tec Classic Full Cut Helmet (US SOF HALO setup)

Manufacturer Pro-Tec , Scott (oxygen mask), Kroop (goggles)
Year of Manufacture 1980s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US SOF, Army, Navy, Air force, Special Forces, USSOCOM, Navy SEALs, Delta Force
Color Black, Olive Green
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1990s US SOF Pro-Tec Helmet HALO setup: The Pro-Tec helmet has bayonet lugs attached to the sides for an oxygen mask. There is also a boom mic mount base located at the bottom left for communication setup. The front of the helmet has a block made by duct tape to secure the skydiving goggles from sliding off when it is over the helmet. Pictures also feature a Scott MBU-12/P oxygen mask and a Kroop’s skydiving boogie goggles.

Pro-Tec helmet features:
1) Pro-Tec skate helmet, developed in 1970s
2) Widely adopted by military as a bump helmet
3) Commonly seen in HALO, CQB, VBSS, maritime / urban terrain operations
4) Made of plastic, holds features such as two stage premium liner, ear protection, stainless steel hardware, and tubular webbing.