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NAVSPECWARCOM Close Quarter Battle Weapon Sling (CQBWS)

Manufacturer Tac Ordnance
Year of Manufacture 2004 – 2005
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US Navy SEALs, DEVGRU, Naval Special Warfare Units
Color Dark Brown
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P/N CQBWS, N00164-04-M-0730

This sling was manufactured by Tac-Ordnance around 2004-2005 for a Crane Naval Special Warfare contract per the SOPMOD Block II upgrade. It was generally issued to Naval Special Warfare units and attached personnel as part of the SOPMOD kit. It was specifically designed for close quarter battle and often seen used with the MK18/CQBR. The sling features heavy-duty elastic which assists with strikes and point shooting as well as quick adjustment in difficult situations. Metal snap hooks attach to most weapon systems, brackets or attachment buckles. Tac-Ordnance is no longer in business.

• 2-Point bungee sling
• 1.25″ wide
• HK style sling hooks at both ends
• Bungee section at both ends
• Length can be adjusted at both ends
Photos feature: Comparison between the Tac-Ord NAVSPECWARCOM CQBWS sling and the Blackhawk 71CQS1BK Dieter CQD sling.


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Tac Ordnance


2004 – 2005


Dark Brown


Devgru, Naval Special Warfare Units, Navy SEAL