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MS-2000(M) Military Distress Marker Strobe

Manufacturer FEDCAP  REHAB  SVCS
Year of Manufacture 2000s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, Special Forces
Color Olive Drab
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Since the introduction of the MS-2000(M), it has become the main Combat Search and Rescue(C-SAR) light carried by elite military forces around the world. The MS-2000(M) meets all military specifications, including MIL-L-38217D and CID A-A-59176, and it has many improved life saving features to meet multiple mission capability.

Size: 4.5 x 2.2 x 1.1 in (11.4 x 5.6 x 3.3 cm)
Weight: 4.0 oz (115 g) without batteries
Light Output: 250,000 peak lumens per flash
Flash Rate: 50 ± 10 per minute
Light Dispersion: White-omnidirectional, IR-omnidirectional, Blue-unidirectional
Shield extends/retracts for omni- or uni-directional visibility
Operating Life: 8 hours minimum-strobe; 2 hours minimum-incandescent
Visibility: Military tested at a distance of 6 miles (9.6km) on a clear dark night
Waterproof: To a depth of 50ft (15.3m); 200ft (61m) diver version available
Batteries: 2 AA alkaline or lithium batteries
Case Color: Black with olive drab flashguard
Construction: Case, lens and flashguard-high impact polycarbonate; IR filter-butyrate
Activation: Spark proof magnetic reed switch
Raised polarity indicators allow correct battery replacement in low or no visibility conditions

New braided steel retainer keeps battery door from being lost
Blue filter distinguishes strobe from ground fire when in place