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M45 Chem-Bio Gas Mask and C420 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Manufacturer Mask (Campbell Plastics), C420 (Draeger Safety, Inc.)
Year of Manufacture 1990s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US Army, US Navy, USMC, US Air Force, US SOF, USSOCOM, Land warrior, Army aircrew, Navy Seals, CCT, PJs
Color Black
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M45 Gas Mask (PAPR version)

  • Featured a different frontal outlet valve
  • Protective mask against all current known CB agents and radiological particles
  • Design allows for conjunctive use of NVGs, aircraft sighting systems, drinking apparatus, close fitting eyelenses and voicemitter communication devices
  • Can use face-mounted canisters, hose mounted filters, and PAPR

C420 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)
C420 PAPR is a blower-assisted air-purifying respirator. It consists of a waist mounted battery-driven Blower Assembly device and two filters. A compartment for a 6 volt battery pack is located in the lower part of the Blower Assembly. A single speed toggle switch is located at the top front of the unit. PAPR assists breathing by drawing air through the filters and delivering the purified air through a breathing tube to the gas mask. An Air-flow Indicator used to check for minimum airflow is provided with the C420 system.


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Campbell Plastics, Draeger Safety, Inc.


Army Aircrew, CCT, Land Warrior, Navy SEAL, PJ, US Air Force, US Army, US Marine Corp, US Navy, US SOF, USSOCOM