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LBT-1879A Split Chest Harness

Manufacturer London Bridge Trading Inc.
Year of Manufacture 2000s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users US Navy SEALs, DEVGRU, Naval Special Warfare units, US SOF
Color Olive Green
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The LBT-1879A Chest Harness is a very popular chest harness used by the US Navy SEAL in the 2000s. It features a split front design for easy on and off. There are four individual pouches which will securely contain the magazines. The lower portion of each pouch has rubber material to resist abrasion. There is a general purpose pouch at each side of the chest harness. The back of the harness has pocket for flotation foam.

General Features
Split front design with buckles, easy on and off
Four magazine pouches
Cover flap of each magazine pouch is secured by Velcro and a snap
Lower portion of each magazine pouch has rubber material for abrasion
General purpose pouch (zipper closure) at each side
Rear pocket for flotation foam (zipper closure).
Four D-ring at bottom
Low profile shoulder and waist strap