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ILC Dover Integrated Ballistic Helmet (IBH) + M45 gas mask

Manufacturer IBH Helmet: ILC Dover, M45 Gas Mask: Unknown
Year of Manufacture 1995-1996
Country of Manufacture USA
Users Army Aircrew, CCT, US Army Land Warrior, Navy SEALs, PJ, US Army, USAF Special Operations Forces, US Air Force
Color Black
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  • Ballistic helmet designed and built by ILC Dover in 1995 to 1996
  • Only 741 units were produced, mainly for USSOCOM and FBI use
  • Designed with weight reduction and integration of specific communication system called AHS (Ambient Hearing System). System granted the user hearing protection with increased communication capability with prewired boom mics, radio connections for both PRC and Motorola use, dual radio compatibility as well as environmental monitoring through ambient noise detection
  • IBH was also designed to interface with wide variety of oxygen mask systems for HALO and airborne operations such as the PHAOS and MBU
  • Originally provided with ANVIS-6 NVG mount, the IBH is also compatible with Wilcox or other NVG mounts for the PVS 7/14/15/18/21 goggles
  • Size adjustment is achieved through a modular pad set that also provided the user comfort as well as impact protection
  • Uses 4-point chin strap assembly

M45 Gas Mask

  • Provides protection against all currently known CB agents and radiological particles
  • Design allows use in conjunction with NVGs, aircraft sighting systems, drinking apparatus, close fitting eyelenses / outserts , internal microphone, and voicemitter communication devices
  • Can use face-mounted canisters or hose mounted filters
  • Gas mask of the US Army Land Warrior Program, and US SOF

Photos feature: IBH helmet + M45 gas mask + Communication cord setup


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Army Aircrew, CCT, Land Warrior, Navy SEAL, PJ, US Army, USAF Special Operations