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HUGGER Soft Side Plate Carrier (Old Gen)

Manufacturer Vel-Tye LLC
Year of Manufacture 2006
Country of Manufacture USA
Users Special Operations Forces, USSOCOM, US SOF, Devgru, Navy SEALs, SWAT
Color Tan
GEARPCSS0003. In stock N/A , . , , .




Soft sided vest that fits tight with the body and is adjustable for a custom fit

Accepts ballistic plates and soft armor panels

Adjustable shoulder straps secured on the vest by 87-S commercial grade Hook

Velcro-on elastic cummerbund

Compatible to Vel-Tye Low Vis Molle Chest Rig

Each is made to order by hand in the U.S.A.   

Can be fully personalized as per user’s request, e.g. number of MOLLE straps, position of Velcro panels, additional metal D-rings at shoulder straps, and etc…

U.S. Patent No. 8365312

Worn by SEAL TEAM 10 operators
Photos feature a Vel-Tye Hugger plate carrier + TAG Chest Rigs (TAG Rifleman Chest Rig and TAG Machine Gunner Rig)



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