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Canon Kodak EOS DCS-3C Digital Camera + Astroscope

Manufacturer Canon, Kodak, Electrophysics
Year of Manufacture Mid 1990s
Country of Manufacture USA, Japan
Users US Army Special Forces, 1st SFOD-D, Delta Force, US SOF, US Navy SEALs, DEVGRU, USMC Force Recon, USMC MEU
Color Black




1995 Canon Kodak EOS DCS-3C Digital Camera with Canon 75-300mm Ultrasonic Zoom Lens and Electrophysics Astroscope (Night Vision Scope). This is the first generation of professional digital camera. The system uses a modified Canon EOS-1N film camera with a modified Kodak NC2000e digital camera back attached. It maintains the Canon EF lens mount and full compatibility with all of Canon’s EF lenses and Astroscope made until that time. This was one of the high tech reconnaissance cameras used by Navy SEALs, USMC Force Recon, and US SOF in the mid-1990s.
All images are stored in a Gen 3 PCMCIA Card (PC card). The PCMCIA card is later inserted into a laptop computer (Panasonic Toughbooks) for data transfer through Satcom Radios.

Battlefield-proven Electrophysics AstroScope is an advanced night vision module which incorporates a state-of-the-art image intensifier tube that transforms dark scenes into bright, high-resolution images. The Canon AstroScope is specifically designed for Canon EOS-type cameras and mounts between the camera body and Canon EOS lens using the standard Canon bayonet. AstroScope incorporates a high quality optic designed specifically for digital SLR cameras and delivers full frame images with little or no vignetting, transforming the Canon EOS camera into a Night Vision System.



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