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BuckMaster 184 Survival Knife

Manufacturer Buck Knives
Year of Manufacture 1980s – 1990s
Country of Manufacture USA
Users Navy SEAL, US SOF
Color Grey-Silver Blade, Black Sheath.
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The legendary BuckMaster 184 Survival Knife was conceptualized, designed and built specifically for Navy SEAL Team Three and Six in the 1980s. It is a masterpiece created by CJ Buck (CEO owner of Buck Knives) and his team. The BuckMaster became (and still is) a 1980’s American icon of survival edged knives and also lead into the development of the venerable M9 Bayonet for the US Military.

The Buckmaster knife features a 7.5″ blade with three different edges to give the operator the perfect cut every time. The blade is forged from 425 mod stainless steel. The false edge is serrated on one side for rope cutting. The back of the blade features Buck’s patented aggressive sawback for wood cutting. The hollow steel handle (with an unscrewable cap) can house survival materials such as fishing gears, matches, and two removable hooks. The hard sheath has a fast release fastex belt loop and an inbuilt sharpening stone. Small accessory pouch can be strapped onto the hard sheath through the side slots.

If you are interested about BuckMaster knives and its various versions, be sure to read the Book “BuckMaster Knives” written by Richard Neyman, ISBN 978-0-615-59787-4.

The Buckmaster knife featured here was made between1995-1999. It featured nine rope cutting teeth at the left side of the blade.