Night Vision Goggles

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Wilcox Night vision mount

These are the famous Wilcox Night vision helmet mount system. They are so far the most complicated mount we have seen. Tons of movable parts, fully adjustable, build-in electronics, adaptors for Litton and ITT NVGs. Currently used by Force Recon, Navy SEALs, army special forces. 

Information: Manufacturer's newsletter. 


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PVS-17 weapon sight

PVS-17 Night vision weapon sight. Gen III.

Pictures from reader.


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Best of the best. Litton AN/PVS-15 NVG. It is dual tube NVG, a double of the PVS-18 NVG. Super clear vision, excellent depth perception, and fully submersible. Currently used by US Navy SEAL.  $$$$$ !!

Information: from DBT catalog.


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Navy SEAL NVG helmet mount

Picture shows the latest NVG helmet mount of the Navy SEAL and the Force Recon. Low profile, and completely stream-lined triangle mount base with three screw fixation system, come with a detachable NVG flip-up mount, fully adjustable. The only bad thing is you will need to drill three holes on your expensive MICH helmet. 

Information: from readers.


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Litton PVS15 Helmet mount

Picture shows the famous Litton night vision flip-up helmet mount. It is installed at the AWS Night vision helmet mount base. (see below). This helmet mount will fit ANPVS-7A, PVS-15, PVS-18. It will not fit PVS-7 and PVS-14. 

Information: from Litton.


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AWS night vision helmet mount

AWS night vision helmet mount. Install on any helmet without drilling holes. Fits MICH, PASGT, Protec helmets. It is made of mil-spec nylon straps and a metal mount base. 

The bottom right picture shows the latest version which there is a lateral rail system for mounting surefire flashlights with IR filters to provide a huge amount of additional lighting for the operator wearing night vision goggles. Ideal for CQB room clearing, search missions, and especially medical personnel who have to treat patients at night with white light or IR filtered light. This system eliminates or greatly reduces having additional people to hold flashlights on patients.

Information: from AWS. Special thanks!


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AN / VIS-6 helmet mount and battery case

AN / VIS 6 NVG helmet mount, and add-on battery case. 

Pictures from NV equipment company, and reader.



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AN/ PVS-18/ M983

Picture update.

AN/ PVS-18, military version of litton M983 NVG. It is litton's most versatile monocular NV system. Can be hand-held, helmet mounted, weapon mounted (with magnifying lens). Submersible, widely used by US Special Forces. 

Information: from NV equipment company.


nightvision-anvis helmet mount-2.jpg (33966 bytes) nightvision-anvis helmet mount-1.jpg (48266 bytes)

AN/VIS-6 Helmet Mount   

Received many requests for pictures of the NV mount of the AN/VIS helmet system.

This is a rare PASGT helmet mount system designed for AN/VIS-6. Quick detachable, the front mount has a power cable connected to a slim-line battery box located at the back of the helmet.

Pictures from ITT delaer, special thanks!



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Newsweek NV mount  

Received many requests for pictures of the NV mount seen in the Newsweek cover page. Here you go! 

This is an old NVG mount ( still in service at present). The mount base is made of metal sheet. The flip-up mount is mostly made by plastic. Besides, the retention strap is very different from the current model. See pictures.

Pictures from John. Special thanks!



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PVS-21 NVG  

PVS-21 NVG. The definition of modern NVGs. These state of the art goggle features patented folded optical systems,  Lowest profile goggle, see-through capabilities, Rugged, self contained, built-in IR / LEDs, water-proof, various mount for different helmets. Designed for CQB, high speed driving, HALO ops. 

Information: from Special Technology Systems. 



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nightvision-6015B-3.jpg (45259 bytes) Armor&vest-RAV OD-6.jpg (31937 bytes)

PVS-14 Storage Case, MOLLE  

PVS-14 hard case is slim-line and impact resistant. The case in made from an injection molded high impact plastic to protect your NVG's. This case will securely hold your PVS-14 with the head mount attached . The PVS-14 will snugly fit into this case with no slop or rattle. The case has an internal battery compartment that will hold two AA batters in-place, to insure you always have a fresh set when you got out on your night mission. The lid securely closes with a snap and there is a slot in the back so you may "Dummy Cord" the goggles directly to you while they are still securely protected in the case. This case will attach to any Interceptor vest, MOLLE, SPEAR, RACK or any Tactical Tailor gear using two Malice Clips that come with the case. 

Bottom right picture show the smoke green RAV with the case.

Information: from Tactical Tailor.



nightvision-IEF flags-1.jpg (35169 bytes)

IFF Flags and Tabs

IFF Flags and Tabs. Quick ID for friendly forces in NV environment

Information: from New Vision Equipment Company and Blackhawk industries


nightvision-battery case-1.jpg (48886 bytes)

ANVIS NVG battery Case  

Pictures show the two kinds of ANVIS NVG battery case. They are usually attached to the back of the helmet. 

Information: from readers.



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MICH NVG Mount  

NVG helmet mount of the MICH helmet. It is basically the same as the old mount, except the hook-up portion of mount base. The mount can be installed onto the helmet by screw or retention strap. Full metal flip-up design, fast installation, allow front-back adjustment and tilt adjustment. It fits various ITT NVGs. 

Information: from NV equipment company.


nightvision-sk-mount 1.jpg (31348 bytes) nightvision-sk-mount 2.jpg (35524 bytes)

Ski-Boot NVG mount  

Ski-boot NVG mount of the HGU helmet series. As seen in the pictures,  the mount can be removed, leaving only the small metal bars on each side of the mount. Excellent for night operations. 

Information: from flight helmet manufacturer.



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nightvision-mount-7B-2.jpg (32845 bytes) nightvision-mount-6015-2.jpg (34817 bytes)
nightvision-mount-protec-1.jpg (34574 bytes)  

NVG Helmet Mount

The new military NVG helmet mount is designed to replace the old one. Full metal flip-up design, fast installation, allow front-back adjustment and tilt adjustment.  Helmet mount is originally designed for PASGT helmet, but it is also able to mount onto Protec Helmet (require simple workmanship).

Helmet mount fits AN/PVS-7B, AN/PVS-14 and NE6015 NVG.

Information: from NV equipment company.



nightvision-M983-1.jpg (34207 bytes) nightvision-M983-2.jpg (56200 bytes)
nightvision-M983-6.jpg (47022 bytes) nightvision-M983-4.jpg (28408 bytes)

M983 NVG  

This high performance, modular single-tube, single eye-piece night vision system is designed for goggle or pocketscope use. M983 can be face-mounted, helmet-mounted, and weapon-mounted. Submersible model with diver face mask is also available.

Information: from NV equipment company.



nightvision-PVS18-1.jpg (30553 bytes) nightvision-PVS18-2.jpg (49188 bytes)

AN/ PVS-18  

AN/ PVS-18, military version of litton M983 NVG.  Left picture shows the submersible version with flip-up headmount.

Information: from NV equipment company.


nightvision-7B-2.jpg (35132 bytes) nightvision-7B-1.jpg (37948 bytes)


AN/ PVS-7B NV goggle: widely used by US military. It offers high resolution, image-intensified night vision in a lightweight, compact, single-tube configuration. Build-in IR illuminator for extra illumination. Pictures shows AN/PVS-7B with headmount.

Information: from NV equipment company.



nightvision-6015B-3.jpg (45259 bytes) nightvision-6015B-1.jpg (30148 bytes)

NE 6015 NVG

Night Enforcer 6015 tactical monocular NVG is the police version of military AN/PVS-14 NVG. Accessory includes weapon mount, headmount, helmet mount, magnetic compass.

Information: from NV equipment company.



nightvision PVS14-2.jpg (38037 bytes) nightvision PVS14-5.jpg (40479 bytes)


Picture shows AN/PVS-14 NVG mounted on a M-4 carbine. It is different from NE 6015B, as it has a manual adjust knob  ( left picture) and a better NV tube. AN/PVS-14 can be used in conjunction with Aimpoint comp M scope or other reflex sights. AN/PVS-14 NVG is currently used by US Special Forces.

Information: from NV equipment company.



nightvision-6015B-6.jpg (31402 bytes) nightvision-6015B-7.jpg (40634 bytes)
nightvision-6015B-8.jpg (30230 bytes)  

PVS-14 Weapon Mount  

Picture shows the latest weapon mount of AN/PVS-14 NVG  or NE 6015B NVG. The new design provides higher stability when compare to the old design.

Information: from NV equipment company.


nightvision-mount-4.jpg (24387 bytes) nightvision-mount-9.jpg (32575 bytes)
saleboard-protec-2.jpg (31600 bytes) nightvision-mount-5.jpg (54383 bytes)

NVG Helmet Mount  

Military NVG helmet mount, for PASGT helmet, flip-up design, fast installation, allow front-back and tilt adjustment. It  fits AN/PVS-7B, AN/PVS-14 and NE6015 NVG. Pictures: NVG mount mounted onto PASGT helmet, and Protec helmet (require simple workmanship).

Information: from NV equipment company.


nightvision-litton-1.jpg (38976 bytes) nightvision-litton-2.jpg (33818 bytes)
nightvision-litton-3.jpg (35174 bytes) nightvision-litton-4.jpg (36387 bytes)
nightvision-litton-5.jpg (41333 bytes) nightvision-litton-7.jpg (26429 bytes)
nightvision-litton-6.jpg (48157 bytes)  

Various NVGs

Left side (from top to bottom): AN/PVS-4, AN/PVS-5B, ANVIS goggles, and BNVS Binocular NV system.

Right side (from top to bottom): AN/PVS-7A, AN/PVS-7B, and BNVS Binocular NV system.

Information: from NV equipment company.



Special thanks to the people who have assisted us in this page. 



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