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knife-marine bayonet 1.jpg (65095 bytes)  

New USMC Bayonet

This is the latest official issued USMC bayonet. Features: 13.25" knife with a 1.75" serration section for extra cutting power. Made of diamond steel, 0.2" thick, 1.375" wide, coated with phosphate non-reflective finish. Comes with new coyote brown scabbard and grip, well-matches the color of the new Marine Uniform. A ceramic coated aluminum honing rod is located on the back of the scabbard for field sharpening. Two load bearing attaching straps with cross straps allow for variation of placement on load bearing equipment. 

Picture and Information: from Mr. Jason. Special Thanks!



knife-mcsocom folder 1.jpg (58781 bytes)  

MCSOCOM Det-1 Folder

MCSOCOM Det-1 Folder, specially developed for the  USMC MCSOCOM Det-1 unit by Strider Knives. See the marking on the folder. Super nice!!

Pictures: from Mr. Jones. Special Thanks!



knife-Ka-Bar USMC 2.jpg (18702 bytes) knife-Ka-Bar USMC 1.jpg (99088 bytes)

USMC Combat Knife

Famous USMC Combat Knife. Issued to every Marine since WW II.

Information: from Mr. Justin.



knife-GERBER LMF-1.jpg (68368 bytes)  

LMF Knife

LMF Knife is 10-3/4" over all length, with a 5-3/4" saw-toothed blade, 1/4" thick , razor sharp. The Handle is made of a special rubber composite. LMF knife has been using by operators since Desert Storm. Picture show a USMC Recon with the knife. 

Information: from a knife collector.



knife-KAC folder-1.jpg (53570 bytes)  

KAC folder

Tactical folder from Knight Armament Company. Very nice folder with a symbol hexagon hole (for KAC nuts).

Information: from a knife collector.



knife-M9 molle-1.jpg (35536 bytes)  

M9 Bayonet (Current model)

The latest M9 bayonet. Scabbard comes with a MOLLE attachment strap.  

Information: from a reader. Special thanks!



knife-M7 tan 3.jpg (31115 bytes) knife-M7 tan 2.jpg (28321 bytes)
knife-M7 tan 1.jpg (29527 bytes)  

Desert Tan M7 Bayonet

The desert Tan M7 Bayonet, limited version, issued to US Special Forces. Pictures show two versions.

Information: from a knife collector.



knife-seal knife 1.jpg (23166 bytes) knife-seal knife 2.jpg (25913 bytes)

Navy SEAL Knife

Pictures show a personal knife of a Navy SEAL. Compact size, double blade.

Information: from a knife collector.



knife-glock knife 1.jpg (15965 bytes) knife-glock knife 2.jpg (20365 bytes)

Field Knife  

"Field Knife" is made of a special hardened steel with polymer handles and black anti-corrosive coated blades for maximum durability and ruggedness. Knives come with matching sheaths made of high impact resistant polymer materials and feature a loop catch which allows for quick drawing with only one hand. Color: Black, Olive Drab and Desert Sand. Used by SWAT teams, Navy SEALs and other US special forces.

Pictures: form a Knife collector.



knife-MPK-2.jpg (24702 bytes) knife-MPK-3.jpg (28072 bytes)

MPK Knife

The MPK (Multi Purpose Knife) is a titanium knife  designed to serve in a variety of missions. It is a light weight, non magnetic, non corrosive and multi functional knife. MPK is officially issued to US Navy SEALs, USMC force recon and other special forces. Right picture shows MPK with Mk 13 Mod 0 signal flare (standard layout of SEAL).

Information: from manufacturer newsletter.



knife-MPT-3.jpg (19333 bytes) knife-MPT-1.jpg (22880 bytes)

MPT Knife

MPT is a titanium bladed knife (light weight, high strength, non-magnetic, non-corrosive). It is the one with a more compact and thinner silhouette, and with a high speed and lower drag coefficient than the MPK.



Knife-seal-2000-1.jpg (15245 bytes) Knife-seal-2000-2.jpg (27566 bytes)

SEAL 2000 Knife

The SEAL 2000 Knife is the official knife of Navy SEALs. The knife won the SEAL knife evaluation program:   Blade 7", weight 12.08 oz., comes with Kydex sheath.

Information: from manufacturer newsletter.



knife-seal-pulp-2.jpg (18877 bytes) knife-seal-pulp-1.jpg (18201 bytes)

SEAL Pup Knife

The SEAL Pup is the mini rendition of SEAL 2000 knife. This stowable blade offers the same durability and performance. Blade 4.75", weight 5 oz. and comes with Kydex sheath. Currently used by US Navy SEALs and other US Special Forces.

Information: from manufacturer newsletter.



knife-maddog-1.jpg (15508 bytes) knife-maddog-2.jpg (27905 bytes)

ATAK and ATAK II Knives

A.T.A.K. knife is one of the famous modern US Navy SEAL knives. Overall length 11.75", blade 7" starrett alloy 496-01, hard chrome finish, black glass/epoxy composite grip (resists to saltwater, blood, temperature, electric resistant), Kydex sheath with belt loop, lashing holes, and a guard retention lip.

Left picture: A.T.A.K.

Right picture: A.T.A.K. II, same as A.T.A.K. but with a new ergonomic grip and partial serrations.

Information: from manufacturer newsletter.



knife-strider-WB-3.jpg (28511 bytes) knife-strider-WB-5.jpg (21039 bytes)

WB Knife

WB knives are made of ATS-34 steel which has both high hardness and toughness, providing a hard edge (hardness: R/C 60-61) that does not break and maintains excellent edge retention. Right picture shows the special customized camo blade.

Mil-spec parachute cord wrapped handle provides outstanding adhesion even when covered with sweat, viscous matter, salt water or blood. Knife sheath features a special attachment system, allowing good security and rapid deployment.

WB knife is popular among SWAT teams, US Navy SEALs, USMC force recon and other special forces.



knife-strider-BT-1.jpg (35270 bytes) knife-strider-BT-2.jpg (26938 bytes)

BT Knife

BT knife, wider blade than WB knife, olive drab version.



knife-strider-FS-1.jpg (21339 bytes) knife-strider-FS-2.jpg (23636 bytes)

FS Knife

FS knife, olive drab version, comes with a special Kydex sheath.



knife-strider-1.jpg (54518 bytes) knife-strider-2.jpg (40951 bytes)
knife-strider-3.jpg (43745 bytes) knife-strider-6.jpg (45209 bytes)
knife-strider-5.jpg (38133 bytes) knife-strider-4.jpg (67400 bytes)
sof-weapon-knive-strider-1.jpg (78990 bytes)  

Other Combat Knives  

Same material of WB, BT and FS knifes. Here comes the other models.




knife-timberline-1.jpg (7616 bytes) knife-timberline-2.jpg (6359 bytes)

Spec-war & Aviator Knives

Highlighted by an ATS-34 hardened steel, black titanium-coated, full tang blade and a 304 stainless steel black titanium-coated pommel. The fiber-glass reinforced Zytel nylon handle and the unique Kydex sheath allow rapid and discreet deployment. Used by Airborne and other military personnel.

Left picture shows Spec-war Knife. Right pictures shows Aviator Knife.



knife-cool steel-1.jpg (57986 bytes)  

Recon Tanto Knife

Recon Tanto Knife is a 7" blade, made of Carbon V® Steel with a comfortable, western-style Kraton® handle. It is a preferred fixed blade for special military units and SWAT teams.

Picture shows a Recon Tanto knife of a US Navy SEALs. 

Picture taken at US Navy Demo.



knife-buckmaster-1.jpg (29716 bytes) knife-buckmaster-2.jpg (19351 bytes)
knife-buckmaster-3.jpg (38325 bytes)  

Buckmaster Knife

Buckmaster knife, the combat knife of US Navy SEALs in mid 1980s'. It is still in service at present.

Pictures: form a Knife collector.




knife-M7-2.jpg (26399 bytes) knife-M7-1.jpg (25830 bytes)

Military M7 Bayonet  

M7 knife/ bayonet. One of the famous knives of US military. M7 can be installed onto M-4 carbine and other M-16 family members.

Pictures: form a Knife collector.



knife-M9-2.jpg (26749 bytes) knife-M9-1.jpg (21429 bytes)

Military M9 Bayonet 

Famous M9 knife/ bayonet. M9 can be installed onto the M-4 carbine of other M-16 family members. It is the combat knife of US Navy SEALs in mid 1980s'. It is still in service at present.

Picture shows the Phrobis III M9, a discontinued item at present. The new M-9 bayonet is now made by Lan Cay.

Pictures: form a Knife collector.



knife-Mk3-2.jpg (29331 bytes) knife-Mk3-1.jpg (25071 bytes)
knife-Mk3-3.jpg (27342 bytes)  

USN Mk3 Mod 0 Knife  

Famous USN Mk 3 Mod 0 combat knife: One of the standard flight knives of US Navy SEALs, combat divers and other special forces.

Pictures: form a Knife collector.



knife-commander-2.jpg (18135 bytes) knife-commander-3.jpg (22678 bytes)

Commander Folder

Awarded "Best overall knife of the year 1999". The Commander is a battle-tested and proven design. It is used by the Naval special forces and other US special forces.  Also available with the new Dragon's teeth serration pattern.




knife-CQD-3.jpg (25008 bytes) knife-CQD-2.jpg (38808 bytes)
knife-CQD-4.jpg (25415 bytes)  

CQD Folder  

The CQD folder was designed for the military and police special operation. It is designed to be used ambidextrously in multiple fighting grips with quick capability of transfer from one grip to another. Blade 3.75", high carbon stainless steel alloy, 60 Rockwell hardness, manual and automatic version. Used by US Navy SEALs, US Special Forces, and SWAT teams.



knife-MPF-1.jpg (8890 bytes)  

MPF Folder

Multi-purpose folder (MPF) features high strength Titanium alloy, non-magnetic blade. Its integral locking system keeps the entire knife assembly simple and easy to maintain.



knife-socom-1.jpg (27290 bytes) knife-socom-2.jpg (19521 bytes)

Socom & Mini-Socom Folder

Socom (left) and Mini-Socom (right) automatic folder. RC 60 high strength Titanium coated blade. 6061-T6 Aluminum hard coated anodized handle.



knife-benchmade-2.jpg (11242 bytes) knife-benchmade-1.jpg (15555 bytes)

AFO & Stryler Folder

AFO automatic folder (left): Blade 3.75", ATS-34 stainless steel hardened to 59-61 HRC, 6061-T6 aluminum handle.

Stryler automatic folder (right): Blade 3.7", ATS-34 stainless steel hardened to 59-61 HRC, 6061-T6 aluminum handle.



Special thanks to the people who have assisted us in this page. 



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