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MICH Headset System

Communication Headset (MICH) System is an unobtrusive microphone/sound transmission system that provides interface capability with various military and other radio transceivers and intercom systems. MICH Systems can be worn alone or under MSA's ballistic Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH).

The MICH Dual-Communication System is the only system on the market that works with most military radios and intercom systems. It is a two-port system that allows the operator to monitor either two radios or a radio and a vehicle intercom system simultaneously. It is compatible with radio systems used by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and federal and local police departments.

MSA's MICH Systems have been field-tested and proven under the most strenuous combat conditions.

Pictures and info from MSA website and reader. Special thanks.



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MBITR TASC Headset. Maritime version, submersible. Currently used by Special forces, SEALs, Force recon. 

Info from Racal communications, TEA.



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LITE Headset

LITE headset: for close quarter battle/ SWAT application. Features: The single phone headset will consist of a noise canceling boom mic plus facility to plug in either throat or mask mics. The headset design will not obstruct user's peripheral hearing and will remain securely in place during aggressive action. For explosive entry applications, the headset will accommodate active hearing protection which must not compromise radio communications or inhibit whispered oral communications. The headset will provide PTT switches with front surface action for operation by underarm or back of wrist and accommodate switches for sniper or HA-LO applications.

Currently used by US Special Forces and SWAT teams.

Information: from TEA.


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TCI Liberator Comtac Headset

TCI Liberator Comtac headset. Excellent noise protection and communication functions. Low profile design, can be worn under most combat helmets. Active-volume function in stereo, auto switch off, low battery reminder, battery life up to 250 hours, high volume attenuation, external signal reminds audible when comtac is switched off. 

Pictures shows a Liberator headset under a TC-2001 helmet.

Information: from tactical company. Special thanks for TCI. 



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COM-TAC II Headset

COM-TAC II headset,  the 2nd generation of the famous COM-TAC headset. Designed to fit MICH, PASGT, ACH helmet. Features: Capable for continuous communication of 2-way radios, cup microphones provide talk-thru listening capability, instantaneously suppress harmful impact noises while amplifying ambient noises/ voices, excellent helmet clearance at ear areas, noise canceling flexible gooseneck microphone, various types of chest PTT and finger PTT, waterproof touch pad volume control. 

Pictures and info from manufacturer newsletter and tactical company.



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SF TASC Headset

Special Force TASC Headset with military PTT switch, and waterproof boom-mic. Plug to PRC-148 radio.

Pictures from reader. Special thanks!



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SF NE Headset

Special Force NE Headset. Special military PTT box with dual channel. Boom-mic with hinged joint.

Pictures from reader. Special thanks!



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SF ComTac Headset (DUAL Ch)

SF dual channel ComTac headset with boom mic. The headset allows operators to use two radios simultaneously, a typical team commander set-up. Headset requires  two PTT switches  with appropriate radio interface cable to connect to two radios (Satcom, PRC radio, Motorola Saber, or ICOM radio).




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SF Sound Trap Headset

Peltor Sound-Trap headset, Military version. 

Much smaller and compact than the Peltor ComTac headset. Standard single channel configuration, with military boom mic. Features individual amplifiers in each cup with separate on-off / volume controls. It is very light and compact ( foldable ). Currently used by US Special Forces.



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Stinger Headset

Stinger headset of the Force Recon. The headset is specifically designed to clamp to the rim of a helmet, water-proof mic, water-proof plug, military low profile PTT, water resistant speaker on a movable and rotating axis. Used by USMC force recon and many SWAT units.

Information: from tactical company & books.



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Soldier Intercom Headset

The headset features a waterproof speaker and noise canceling electret microphone (tested to 1 meter) along with a sealed headband for use in harsh environments. The lightweight adjustable headband eliminates wearer fatigue while still leaving room for almost any style of helmet or gear. Military PTT switch comes with cap. Other pictures show the soldier intercom radio and its pouch (MOLLE compatible). The system is currently used by US special forces. 

Information: from tactical company, military newsletter.


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C-2 element communicator's Headset

Here is a replica of the Navy SEAL C-2 element communicator's headset. It is made according to the book--"Seal boarding manual". The headset connects both MX300R radio and Military Satcom radio. Each system has its own PTT switch.

Information: Seal boarding manual, modelers of specwargear.com


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Occasional Swimmer's Kit  

The kit is designed for sustained operation under water. Features: headset with elastic head strap, flexible boom mic,  PTT switch, waterproof radio container. Used by US special Forces, SWAT teams, and combat boat units.

Information: from tactical equipment company.



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Motorola Headset

Motorola 2-way radio headset. Features: for high noise environment, contoured dual muff, M-87 military boom mic, adjustable headband, muff mounted PTT switch. 

Bottom picture: Motorola Headset + Motorola MX300R radio adapter + MX300R radio.




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Military DC Headsets

DC headsets have been in service in US military for a long time. They are famous for their quality and reliability. Top pictures show a typical DC military headset and a military mic cover ( for noise reduction and clear transmission) .

Bottom pictures: a Navy SEAL wears a modified DC headset. 



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LASH I Headset

Famous LASH I headset is a famous headset of US Navy SEALs, US special forces and SWAT teams during 1990s. Component:  throat mic, earphone, PTT box, hand PTT switch. Pictures: LASH I headset with MX300R adaptor.

Information: from tactical equipment company.



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LASH II headset

LASH II headset is the current version of the LASH I headset. Features: (1) a new round PTT switch with a front surface button for fast and dependable transmission; (2) a new non-occluding earmold, its hollow design does not obstruct hearing, lets you monitor the receive radio signal while listening to ambient sound with the same ear; (3) transparent voice tube transports the receive signal from the neck mounted speaker to ear.

Currently used by US Special Forces and SWAT teams.

Information: from tactical equipment company.



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Low Profile Headset

Low Profile Headset is a high quality bone vibrator type headset. Voice reception is achieved by converting audio signals form the radio to vibrations that conduct through the facial bones to the user's auditory system. The headset is generally fitted with 2 vibrator covers for the user's comfort and a microphone windscreen. Optional accessories: forehead strap, chin strap, remote PTT sniper switch, headset in-line connectors, noise canceling waterproof microphone. Currently used by US Special Forces, Federal agencies, and SWAT teams.

Pictures: Interface box volume control knob, remote hand switch, gas mask microphone adapter kit.

Bottom picture: A US Navy SEALs with the headset. (www.specialoperations.com).

Information: from tactical equipment company.



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dive-FFM-4.jpg (25476 bytes)  

Diver Transceiver  

Combat diver transceiver is a high power single sideband, multichannel through-water underwater telephone. Digital signal processing, completely adjustable underwater with VOX/PTT. 

Information: from manufacturer newsletter.





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TASC II Headset

The TASC II headset consists of an earphone plate and boom arm assembly which straps to your head to provide a secure and comfortable fit. It fits under ballistic helmets and can be located inside Protec helmets. Weight less than 3 oz and can be worn for many hours without discomfort. Peripheral hearing is not obstructed because slots on the earphone plate admit ambient sound. The nose canceling whisper mic with flexible boom arm for accurate positioning of compliment your radio or application. Front push PTT switch for fast and dependable transmission.

Currently used by US Special Forces and SWAT teams.

Information: from tactical equipment company.



Special thanks to the people who have assisted us in this page. 



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