Gas Masks

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The XM50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask (JSGPM) incorporates some very advanced technologies including reduced breathing resistance (estimated at 50%), improved vision, and greater comfort. Not only does the XM50 JSGPM incorporate the most advanced filters currently available on any mask, but the eye protection/optical element of the mask. It is the next-generation mask for all U.S. joint service ground forces.  

Picture from Jaynet Hunt, MCIPR, AVON, Special thanks!!



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M45 Gas Mask + VPU

Picture update.

Army M45 protective mask + voice projection unit. It is the primary gas mask of all special operations forces and aviators in the US armed forces.

Pictures and info: from reader and book. Special thanks to Mr. Ahab.



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M45 Gas Mask  

Army M45 protective mask. It is the primary gas mask of all special operations forces and aviators in the US armed forces.

Pictures and info: from reader and book. Special thanks to Mr. Ahab.



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MCU 2/P Gas Mask

MCU 2/P gas mask is the current gas mask of US Military. Used by USN, USAF, and USMC.

Pictures: from surplus store.



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MCU 2A/P Gas Mask

MUC 2A/P gas mask is similar to MUC 2/P gas mask, but It has an additional dynamic mic plug at the front voice window. Right picture: MCU 2A/P with tinted outsert lens and a mic cord.

Pictures: from surplus store.




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M-40A1 Gas Mask

M-40 gas mask is the current gas mask of US military. Used by USMC, USN, US Army.

Pictures: from surplus store.



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M-42A1 Gas Mask

M-42 gas mask is used by the combat vehicle crews of the US Army. It comes with a hose assemble and a canister carrier. It also has a dynamic mic plug.

Pictures: from surplus store.


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M17A1 Gas Mask

M17A1 gas mask is an older generation of US military gas mask. It serves the military during Gulf war.

Pictures: from a reader.


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S-10 & SF-10 Gas Mask

S-10 and SF-10 gas mask are the current gas masks of British military. S-10 has a drinking tube,  while SF-10 has none. SF-10 is used by British SAS, LAPD SWAT, and other foreign special forces.  

Top left: S-10 gas mask.

Top right: S-10 gas mask with tinted outserts lens.

Bottom Left: SAS with SF-10.

Bottom right: SF-10 with VPU attached.

Pictures: from reference books.



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Voice Projection Unit (VPU) and Electronic Speech Projection unit (ESP): Both are designed to attached onto the front voice window of the gas mask. Different models fit different gas masks. They are water-proof and capable to increase voice volume during gas mask deployment. 

Top left picture: upper circular shaped devices are VPU. Lower "D" shaped devices are ESP.

Pictures: from surplus store owner.



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Waterproof Gas Mask Bag  

Military waterproof gas mask bag. Equipped with waterproof zipper, inflation tube, drop leg straps. 

Pictures from reader, special thanks!




Special thanks to the people who have assisted us in this page.



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