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Assault Boots  

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Engineered with a lightweight athletic design, the Elite Special Forces Standard-Issue Assault Boot is braced by an over-the-ankle boot shaft and shielded by abrasion resistant panels on soft top-grain leather. Comprehensive moisture control maximizes comfort. Advanced polymer EVA and premium urethane offer resilient shock absorption. High-NBS vulcanized rubber maintains traction over a full range of terrain. Currently issued to US special forces.

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Desert Tan GSG9 Boots  

Finally, the Famous GSG9 boots is in desert tan color !

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SEAL Sport Shoes  

Pictures show a popular brand of sport shoes of the Navy SEALs. 

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USMC Marpat Boots

Pictures show the latest issued USMC Marpat boots. This boots supposed to be worn with the new USMC Marpat BDUs.

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Military HALO  Boot

Military HALO boot. Special design for para operations with thickened sole. It offers excellent comfort and cushioning while landing.



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GSG9 Boot

Famous German made GSG9 boot is currently used by German special force GSG9, US Navy SEALs, US Army special forces.  High top full-grain leather upper with flame resistant coating. PVS ankle collar for flexibility. Triple reinforcement in toe area. Leather, suede and rubber provide excellent durability and abrasion resistance. PU midsole offers excellent comfort and cushioning while maintaining light weight. Nubbed rubber outersole gives strong grip and traction, while maintaining "anti-squeak" qualities. Make in Germany.


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Bates boot

The official Jungle Boot issued to US Navy SEALs. The boots are highlighted by the superior impact absorption technology of the DuraShock Comfort System. It absorbs three times as much impact as rubber! Plus, they're breathable. Outers are full-grain leather, Cordura nylon, and supportive webbing. Cambrelle linings, Five Iron Texon insoles, and orthotic inserts that resist odor and mildew, fiberglass shanks, waterproof Intrepid™ outsoles, and speed laces. Made in USA.


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Hi-Tec Magnum boots

Magnum boots are comfortable, durable, and light weight tactical footwear. Comfor Tongue: anatomically sculpted to fit the contour of the foot. Provides adds protection from water, snow and other elements. Tendon/Shank Suspension Midsole: yields impact protection and torsional stability. Tendon suspension Midsole: provides superior impact protection, highly shock absorbent and will not wear down. TSD Outsole: provides outstanding traction, support and durability.

Currently used by US Navy SEALs, SWAT and other special forces.



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Danner Boots

US Marine Corps approved. Water-proof boot made in black leather to provide the uniformed service person warm feet and good traction. Specification: Full grain leather, 200g Thinsulate insulation, Cambrelle nylon lining, Gore-Tex bootie, cushion insole, steel shank, double layer midsole of thin hard rubber plus thick soft EVA, Vibram Kletterlift lug sole. Made in USA.

Picture shows the Danner Olympic model.


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USMC infantry combat boot

1st row picture: USMC infantry combat boot is officially issued to US Marine Corps. They are also used by US Navy SEALs and other special forces.  Features a Cordura nylon upper, a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex bootie, Cambrelle lining, specially formulated Vibram outer sole and a newly designed polyurethane cushion midsole, which helps reduce shin splints. Equipped with a comfort top band, leather pull tab, comfort notch, double row stress point stitching, steel shank, box toe with increased size and a speed lacing system. Steel toe version is also available. Made in USA,

2nd and 3rd row picture: USMC infantry combat boot in full leather.


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Altama boots

The famous Altama boots have been in service in US Army and USMC for a long time. Its comfort, protection, traction and durability have been proved in Department field tests in the US, Europe and the Middle East. Manufactured to the latest Military specification, e.g. MIL-B-44152 and MIL-B-43154.

Altama boots are currently used by US Navy SEALs and other special forces.


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Navy SEAL coral boot  

Swim/Coral boot of the US Navy SEALs. These boots have been used by US Navy SEALs for a long time. Features: Simple design, rugged canvas, water drainage holes.



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