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communication-PRC117-1.jpg (77024 bytes)  

PRC-117 Military Satcom

The AN/PRC-117F Multi-band, Multi-mission Man-pack Radio covers the entire 30 to 512 MHz frequency range while offering embedded COMSEC, SATCOM, and ECCM capabilities. The AN/PRC-117F provides secure interoperability with SINCGARS and a host of other tactical radios. The AN/PRC-117F can be configured for Man-pack, vehicular and base station applications suitable for operation in a multimode service environment. The radio is interoperable with legacy encryption systems and acts as a translator between otherwise incompatible radios. The hardware can be reconfigured and software reprogrammed to optimize performance and add capabilities without opening the radio. The key panel / box of the radio is detachable as a remote control unit.

Pictures: from Navy SEAL demo, USMC Demo, USMC website.



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PRC-113 Military Satcom

The AN/PRC-113 is a man-pack configuration of the RT-1319 transmitter/receiver with an additional battery case and antenna. It provides VHF-AM and UHF-AM in the 116 to 150 MHz and 225 to 400 MHz ranges. The radio is HAVEQUICK II capable.  

Pictures: from USMC Demo, and USMC website.



communication-PRC119-1.jpg (107237 bytes)  

AN/PRC-119F VHF Radio

The AN/PRC-119 SINCGARS radio system, one of the most commonly used field radios. The AN/PRC-119 is the Army's basic squad radio with a transmission range of about 8 km/five miles. A typical patrol will carry a manpack unit and communicate with a vehicle mounted or airborne unit within the compatible SINCGARS family. The AN/PRC-l19 VHF/FM radio is designed for simple, quick operation using a 16-element keypad for push-button tuning. It is capable of short-range and long-range operation for voice, FSK, or digital data communications. The radio weighs 10 to 15 pounds (depending on components carried).

Pictures: from USMC Demo, and USMC website.



communication-mx waterproof case-1.jpg (38205 bytes)  

Waterproof Radio Case   

This is the MX300R waterproof radio case used by Navy SEAL during the 1990's. Vintage item.

Picture from E-bay


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communiction-OTS-system 2.jpg (74627 bytes)  

OTS Under Water Transceiver   

OTS Combat diver transceiver is a high power single sideband, multi-channel through-water underwater telephone. Digital signal processing, completely adjustable underwater with VOX/PTT. 

Information: from manufacturer newsletter.



communiction-MBITR radio-2.jpg (52308 bytes) communiction-MBITR radio-1.jpg (94880 bytes)

MBITR Radio  

Best of the best. MBITR, the super famous Multi-Band Tactical Radio! Currently used by Special Forces!

Pictures: from Force Recon Demo.



communication-ISR-1.jpg (46235 bytes) communication-ISR-2.jpg (57910 bytes)

USMC ISR Radio  

USMC Inter-squad radio.

Information: from tactical company. Special thanks!



communication-F3S-1.jpg (44302 bytes) headset-soldier intercom headset 7.jpg (23940 bytes)

F3 Radio  

The F3 Radio. Inter-squad communication. 

Information: from tactical company. Special thanks!



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communication saberR combine-3.jpg (34950 bytes) communication saberR combine-4.jpg (55024 bytes)
communication-SABER R-1.jpg (20150 bytes) communication-SABER R-2.jpg (17775 bytes)

Motorola SABER-R  

The SABER-R radio is designed to use in harsh and marine conditions. Radio case and battery are totally different from normal SABER radio. Used by US Navy SEALs and other US special forces. Pictures shows Astro Saber-1R, Saber II R (with display), and Saber-1R (bottom pic).

Information: from radio store.



communication-HST4-1.jpg (85023 bytes) communication-KY-57-3.jpg (86280 bytes)

HST 4 Satcom  

HST Satcom radio. Used by US Navy SEAL and other special forces during Gulf war. Right picture shows  the HST radio with the KY unit (circled).

Picture: form a reader and book.



communication-PC-3.jpg (49737 bytes) communication-PC-1.jpg (45660 bytes)

Military Notebook Computer

Military Notebook computer for high speed data communications over different military frequencies. 

Pictures from US Navy Demo.


communication-psc5-1.jpg (66839 bytes) communication-psc5-3.jpg (71099 bytes)


PSC-5 Satellite radio. Currently used by Navy SEALs and other special forces.

Pictures from US Navy Demo.


communication-LST5C-10.jpg (21123 bytes) communication-LST5C-4.jpg (34905 bytes)
communication-LST5C-2.jpg (43214 bytes)  


LST-5C Satellite Radio Set, for line-of-sight or satellite communication. For manpack, vehicular or fixed-station applications. Bottom picture shows Satcom station. 

Pictures and info from military demo and manufacturer.



communication-KY-57-6.jpg (35175 bytes) communication-KY-57-9.jpg (34005 bytes)
communication-KY-57-3.jpg (86280 bytes)  

KY Encryption Set  

KY encryption set ensure secure military communication. It can be connected to Satcom and other radios. Bottompictures show a SEAL member connecting a Satcom to a KY encryption set.

Pictures and info from military demo and book.


communication-camera-1.jpg (66597 bytes) communication-camera-2.jpg (61561 bytes)

Military Digital Camera

Military digital camera of US Navy special forces. Equipped with night vision lens and high speed shutter. 

Picture from US Navy Demo.


communication-GPS-2.jpg (67551 bytes) communication-GPS-1.jpg (50421 bytes)

Military GPS

Military GPS navigator set of US Navy SEALs.

Pictures from US Navy Demo.


communication-M-GPS-4.jpg (16116 bytes) communication-M-GPS-2.jpg (28277 bytes)

Military GPS  

Another type of Military GPS, widely used by US Special Forces during Gulf war.

Pictures from military demo.


communication-racal-mbitr.jpg (6611 bytes) communication-racal-mshr.jpg (6677 bytes)


MBITR and MSHR are the latest radio for US Marines and Navy special forces. Multiple band and with various voice/data functions.

Pictures and description from manufacturer.


communication-PRC126-3.jpg (33417 bytes) communication-PRC126-1.jpg (36004 bytes)

AN/PRC 126 Radio

The AN/PRC-126 radio is used primarily 2-way radio telephone communication among special force team members in the field. AN/PRC-126 Radio is currently used by US Army, USMC, US Navy SEALs, USAF CCT and other special forces.

Pictures: from radio surplus store.


communication-PRC90-3.jpg (33745 bytes) communication-PRC90-4.jpg (29495 bytes)

AN/PRC-90-2 Survival Radio

AN/PRC-90-2 survival radio, for tactical air to ground/ground to ground communication. Used by USAF, USN and other special forces.

Pictures: from a radio surplus store.


communication-MX300R-UHF-1.jpg (24377 bytes) communication-MX300R-UHF-2.jpg (45355 bytes)
communication-MX300R-UHF-3.jpg (48032 bytes)  

MX300R Radio

military MX300R radio, widely used by US Navy SEALs and USMC during Gulf war.  It is still currently in service in US Navy and other military units.

Information from radio store.


communication-MX300R-mic-2.jpg (25559 bytes) communication-MX300R-mic-1.jpg (37343 bytes)

MX300R Handmic (Military)

MX300R remote speaker microphone contains a speaker, microphone and push-to-talk (PTT) switch. The handmic is waterproof and can be submersed in 3 feet of water for 2 hours. 

Information from radio store.



communication-MX300R-mic-5.jpg (78446 bytes) communication-MX300R-mic-4.jpg (56827 bytes)

MX300R Handmic (Standard)

Another type of MX300R handmic, standard version.

Information: from radio store.



communication-MX300R-holster-1.jpg (29060 bytes) communication-MX300R-holster-3.jpg (26735 bytes)
communication-MX300R-holster-2.jpg (27237 bytes) communication-MX300R-holster-4.jpg (52746 bytes)

MX300R Plastic Holster

Military holster of MX300R radio. Feature: Plastic locking system at the top of the holster permit easy put-in and take-out of the radio. Plastic belt holder secures the radio holster to military belt by snap systems.

Bottom right picture shows a US Navy SEAL with a MX300R radio and holster.

Information from radio store.



communication-MX300R-holster-5.jpg (22053 bytes) communication-MX300R-holster-7.jpg (22709 bytes)
communication-MX300R-holster-6.jpg (22846 bytes)  

MX300R Leather Holster

MX300R leather Holster. Used by military and police units.

Information: from radio store.


communication-SABER-3.jpg (27512 bytes) communication-SABER-2.jpg (21962 bytes)

SABER l Radio

The famous SABER I radio has been used by Military and Police for a long time. SABER offers exceptional power, durability and secure voice capabilities. SABER I is currently used by US special forces, Police, and SWAT teams.

Pictures and Info from radio store.


communication-Astro SABER-3.jpg (28555 bytes) communication-Astro SABER-2.jpg (23483 bytes)
communication-Astro SABER1-1.jpg (51906 bytes) communication-Astro SABER1-2.jpg (35699 bytes)


The most advanced model of SABER radio in the SABER family. The first true full-function digital portable radio with the flexibility to work in both digital and analog environments. ASTRO digital technology represents a revolution in two-way radio communications. Astro-Saber radios are currently used in US special forces. 

Upper pictures show Astro-Saber III, Bottom pictures show Astro-Saber I.

Information from radio store.


communication-SABER handmic-3.jpg (25756 bytes) communication-SABER handmic-2.jpg (27031 bytes)
communication-SABER handmic-1.jpg (57062 bytes)  

SABER Handmics  

SABER remote speaker microphones. Features include straight cord or coiled cord, PTT switch, back cover clip, Velcro patch, earphone jack and external antenna that provides additional antenna height for better radiation pattern.

Currently used by US special forces, Police and SWAT units.

Information from radio store.



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