FSBE II Gear System

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USMC FSBE II system (Part 4)

Force Recon 6004 Holster: This is the issued Safariland 6004 holster of the Force Recon operators. Coyote brown color. This holster is designed to fit a MEU-SOC pistol without surefire pistol light. See the two small holes at the leg shroud, many Force Recon operators like to mount their DB-L or Benchmade knife on it.

Force Recon Gen 2 Dump Pouch: Coyote brown, with NSN numbered, this is the famous dump pouch used by the Force Recon operators. The gen 2 dump pouch can now be rolled up and secured by a Velcro strap before being deployed. The bungee cordloc is moved to the posterior back for faster adjustment.

USMC individual First Aid Kit Pouch: This is the issued pouch for the USMC individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). Coyote Brown.

Force Recon Surefire flashlight holder: This is an excellent piece of gear. Now you can MOLLE mounted a surefire flashlight holster on your MOLLE belt, armor or vest.



Force Recon Weapon Slings and Lanyard

CIRAS or MCAV sling: Top pictures shown a single point sling system that can integrate with the MAR-CIRAS body armor and the Force Recon MCAV carrier. This sling system also has two quick release buckles for fast break away. The weapon is hanged at the center front of the operator,  facilitating strong and weak side transfers, also perfect for right and left hand shooters.

Single point bungee sling: Another sling system which the Force Recon operators like. The sling is fully adjustable and offers quick extension capability (from the bungee portion of the sling).

Force Recon Safety retention lanyard: A very important piece gear which keeps an operator inside a helicopter safely. It can also be used in other ways that you can think of.


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FSBE II System Part 5, coming soon !


USMC FSBE II system (Part 3)

Force Recon Knives: Pictures shows the Benchmade brand combat knives in the FSBE II kit. The fixed blade knife has a hard sheath with a QD button and a plastic detachable belt loop. Some Force Recon operators remove the belt loop, and screw the knife directly on the shroud of a 6004 holster. A very cool set up. The small folder is a manual open folder. It has a large finger hole where you use your finger to slide the blade out. Both knives is in Coyote Brown, and the Blade is in Flat Black.

MBITR AN/PRC-148 Radio: No need to introduce, this is the revolutionary, and the most famous radio among US Special Force communities. Multiband Inter / Intra Team Radio (MBITR) replaces over 60 pounds old style of PRC radio with approximately 2 pounds. Note the new  "Thales Communications Inc " label.

Bunjee LED MOLLE Holder: This is a custom / special made MOLLE compatible LED pouch. Inside the pouch store the coil bungee of the LED. A very handy set up for map reading or signaling. Coyote Brown color.

Recon Dump Pouch: This is a custom / special made MOLLE compatible dump pouch. Internal elastic rim opening to prevent drop out of mags. Some recon operators also like to mounted a HABD pouch at PALS above the pouch. Coyote Brown color.


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FSBE II System Part 4, coming soon !


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USMC FSBE II system (Part 2)

FSBE II Head Protection Gears.

MSA MICH 2000 Helmet. The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) began development in 1997 as part of the Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements program at the U.S. Special Operations Command. The MICH provides the Marines excellent head protection and  the flexibility to tailor the communications capability of the helmet to the mission using one modular system. The MICH helmet has many unique features: e.g. excellent ballistic protection, a unique suspension system consists 7 slow-memory impact foam pads, CoolMax pad surface, four point chinstrap system, excellent interface with communication subsystem. 

Night vision mount: Triangle helmet mount base. Made of special plastic material with metal interlocking parts. Smooth and streamline surface fits airborne ops. The mount base is secured onto the helmet by three screws, very stable. To release the NVG, you just need to push the button located at bottom of the mount base. This is the same mount base used by the Navy SEALs.

Reversible MARPAT Helmet cover: Desert and Woodland MARPAT pattern. The cover is secured on the helmet by traditional Velcro straps system. The helmet cover has a front triangle hole for the NVG mount, top loop Velcro for a 2" x 2" IFF Marker panel, and a back open-able flap for communication cables.

FSBE II SI Assault A-frame Goggles: Oakley SI Assault A-frame Ballistic Goggles (FSBE II Version). This may be the most expensive ballistic goggles, and it is worth it. Meet ANSI high velocity and high mass impact requirement, Anti-Fog lens, Excellent optical clarity, refractive power, prismatic power, Low profile closed cell face foam, Compact size with excellent interface with MICH helmet. Different from commercial A-frame goggles, the FSBE II A-frame goggles has a top ventilation fan with low profile battery case.  

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FSBE II Part 3, coming soon !


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USMC FSBE II system (Part 1)

FSBE II system is an upgrade of the original FSBE system introduced in 2001.

FSBE stands for Full Spectrum Battle Equipment. FSBE system provides ballistic protection, brief underwater breathing capability, flotation, mission specific load carriage to meet various mission profiles of the USMC Force Recon companies, FAST,  and MEU (SOC) Assault Teams.

Pictures at the left showing most of the tactical nylon gear of the current USMC FSBE II Kit. Almost all items are coyote brown (official USMC coyote brown color).

Contents: Eagle industries CIRAS Land version body armor, RRV chest harness, Plate Carrier, tan color low profile concealable body armor (used with the Plate Carrier), Medium size Patrol backpack, MBSS style backpack, hydration carrier, various MOLLE rifle and pistol mag pouches, FSBE 1 style leg panel, waist bag, water canteen pouches, grenade pouches, drop leg hanger, baton pouch, Medic pouch, Gas Mask pouch, SEA MK II bottle pouch, Admin panel, High capacity mag pouches, waist belt with suspender (War belt) and etc.

Accessories include: gloves, rappelling hardware, combat knife, surefire flash light holder, SEA MK II breathing bottles.

Most nylon gear in the FSBE II Kit  is made by Eagle industries. Although many pouches are available commercially, Eagle industries does not sell coyote brown version in public. Besides, there are items which are not  available commercially at all. 

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