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Cold Steel Safe Keeper II Push Dagger

Cold Steel Safe Keeper II Push Dagger

Designed for the 21st century, the Cold Steel Safe Keeper II is the ultimate push knife. Push daggers are becoming popular with military personnel around the world as they have the cutting and piercing potential of a larger knife, but is small enough so that it can be easily concealed and rapidly deployed. As the name implies, it can be deployed in a push or punch with the dagger tip leading the way. It can also be used as a conventional dagger in a slicing motion to cut things open. Just the look of this knife with its wicked blade jutting out from the fist is enough to deter almost all aggressors. And, if action is necessary, the Safe Keeper’s shock absorbing Kraton handle imparts devastating punching blows, yet is so secure in one’s hand that it’s practically impossible for even a novice to be disarmed. The Secure-Ex sheath includes a belt clip at the back and can be lashed using the peripheral eyelets on the sheath. The Safe Keeper can easily be fastened to tactical web gear, shoulder / leg holsters, tucked in a waistband or boot top, or even strapped to a wrist or ankle.

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